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The RZN Golf Balls

The RZN is Nike's latest golf ball which is boasting a revolutionary design. The ball's Speedlock core, which harnesses more energy, is said to give it a notable advantage when it comes to ball spin and distance. One of Nike's directors said of the ball... 

The Highest Ranked U.K. Golf Courses

The United Kingdom has a variety of great courses in Scotland, England, N Ireland and Wales. Golf Digest have fairly regular rankings, among which are the top 100 golf courses beyond the United States. The top 10 of their rankings is dominated by the U.K. golf courses. These are the five highest ranked Golf Digest U.K. golf courses...

Great Golf Travel Websites

There are a variety of great golf resorts in the United States and Europe. Golf resorts such as Pebble Beach Resort and Pinehurst have top-class golf courses which have hosted Major championships. As such, there are also a number of great online resources...

Poppy Hill Golf Course

Among the most anticipated golf course reopenings of the year is scheduled for 4 April. Then the newly renovated Poppy Hill golf course, at Pebble Beach, will reopen. Trent Jones returned to the golf course to give it something of a revamp...

Island Golf Holes 

You won't find many island green golf holes. However, there are a few golf courses that include holes with greens surrounded by water. These are a few of the more notable island green holes that your ball will have to land on to stay in play...

Sunday, July 27, 2014

How to Speed up Your Golf Rounds

When the sun is shining, golfers flock to golf courses. As such, queues can then emerge at the tees. If that happens during your round, you should maintain a good pace on a busy golf course to ensure that play is not held up. Here are a few suggestions.

Do not Linger on the Green

When you have holed the ball, do not linger on the green. Do not remain on the green to fill out your scorecards and put clubs back in the bag. You should put the flag back in the hole as soon as possible, and then vacate the green. Fill out the scorecard and put your club back in bag when you're at the next tee.

Searching for Balls

You must not spend any longer than five minutes searching for a ball. That's stated within the R&A book. If you can't find your ball after five minutes, drop another one to resume play. Don't search the ball at all if it lands somewhere where you probably won't be able to find it in five minutes.

Play Provisional Balls

If your tee shot might have landed the ball somewhere where you might not find it, you should play a provisional ball. A provisional ball is a second shot from off the tee. If you cannot find your original ball, you can then resume play from the position the second ball landed at. This will save you having to go back to the tee after searching for a ball. If you do find your original ball, don't include the provisional shot on your scorecard.

Don't Always Play to the Rulebook

If you're not playing in a golf tournament, don't always stick to the rulebook. For example, if your ball landed in an unplayable like, you would have to drop it two club heads back from the point it landed. However, if you drop the ball in a more convenient location, on a better lie, than two club heads back your next shot will probably come off better. That could save quite a bit of time. 

Those suggestions should speed your golf rounds up a little bit. If you're still holding up play, you might as well stand aside for the group behind to play through.

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The Quarry at La Quinta Golf Course Video

The Quarry at La Quinta is a golf course built on the remnants of a gravel quarry. It is set alongside the Santa Rosa Mountains, and includes plenty of untrimmed palm trees. The 7,083-yard golf course is ranked among the greatest in the USA. Check out the Quarry at La Quinta Golf Course below:

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Vice Golf Balls

Vice Golf have launched a new range of golf balls. They are the Vice Tour, Vice Drive and Vice Pro series of golf balls. These are superbly packaged golf balls with great logos, and each ball also includes a putting line on it.

For a low compression golf ball you should check out Vice Drive. This ball has been primarily designed to optimize distance. Consequently, it's a two-piece golf ball with long run/roll.

The Vice Tour is a 3-piece golf ball. It provides good distance off the tee as well as decent spin. Overall, it is a mid-range golf ball. Check out the Vice Tour video below.

The Vice Pro and Pro Neon are the same golf balls, except one is white and the other is yellow. They are three-piece, urethane covered golf balls that have great durability. The video below provides some further details about the ball.

The new Vice golf balls series shows some innovation. You can find further details at this website:

Sunday, July 06, 2014

Golf Club Selection for Chip Shots

Chips shots can be very useful shots in or around the green, or even to lay the ball up onto a better lie. Likewise, they are flexible enough not necessarily to be limited to the use of one or two clubs.

The 7-iron is a golf club that is often used for chipping. This is perhaps unsurprising, for it strikes a good balance of possessing a reasonable amount of loft; while also giving reasonable ball roll. As such, it might be ideal for for a standard chip shot onto the green from 20-30 yards.

At any rate, however, the 7-iron will not always be ideal to use. Let us say you find yourself more like 10-15 yards within the flag, or even less, without being on the green itself. Then you might find yourself parked up close to the collar but not quite on it. Consequently, a 7-iron would not be a suitable club to chip with here.

Wedge clubs, like the sand wedge, are best to use under such circumstances. They have greater loft and minimize roll to ensure the ball will not go so far and will stop on the green fairly swiftly. At any rate, you could even just try putting the ball onto the green if the fairway is reasonably smooth. A long putt from 10-15 yards out will travel along the ground throughout, and could be just as effective.

To chip the ball onto a green from slightly longer distance, consider using a longer iron. Let us say you are about 30-35 yards from the flag. A 6-iron will provide a good deal more roll towards the flag stick than a pitching wedge, and the chip will have less loft and greater accuracy. Ultimately, that roll of the ball is what will give the distance. Remember that you can probably chip a ball anywhere between 50 -70  yards on a golf course.

Chipping out of longer grass will require shorter club selection. This is because you will need their loft to be able to chip through the longer grass. As such, the wedges can be the most effective clubs to use when in longer grass around the fairways and greens. A 9-iron might also give you enough loft to make a chip out of the rough.

A wet or dry golf course might also require different use of clubs. On wet grass the ball will not roll as far, and so you might want to pick a slightly lower iron than usual. In dryer conditions it will roll further, and so moving up to a higher iron will reduce that.

Ultimately, there is some flexibility for club selection with the chip shot. Do not to limit yourself to just one or two clubs for chip shots, and take distance and conditions into account when on the course.

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

Oak Hill (East) Golf Course Video

Oak Hill's East is ranked among the top golf courses in the USA. This is a golf course that expands 7,145 yards. It has hosted myriad golf championships such as the U.S. Open, PGA Championship and Ryder Cup. This video gives you an overview of the golf course's 18 holes.

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Golf Courses That Have Hosted the Most Major Championships

Whilst there are a variety of championships included on the PGA Tour, it's the Majors which are the most famous in the sport. The Augusta Masters, the U.S. Open, U.K. Open and the PGA Championship are perhaps the most exciting championships on the PGA Tour. They are played at some fantastic golf courses and settings. A variety of golf courses have been selected for the Majors, and there are a few which have been venues in a number of seasons.

Augusta National

The Augusta National course has been the venue for more Major championships than any other, quite simply because it has its very own. The Master's championship is the one Major that is played at a single venue (although the Players Championship, at TPC Sawgrass, is a close second). Each April the invitation golf championship invites the top ranked players from the PGA Tour to play in the Masters at Augusta.

The course is probably the most famous in the sport. With its pristine greens and fairways it has green keepers that can cut grass down to bowling greens. Each hole has a variety of shrubs and flowers such as tea olives, magnolias, camellias, junipers, hollies and yellow jasmines. As Augusta has a substantial maintenance budget it is usually ranked among the top golf courses in the United States.

As one of the foremost championship courses in golf it has some famous holes. Among the more notable are the 12th Golden Bell hole in which Rae's Creek separates the tee from the green. The 16th Redbud hole, a 170 yard par-3, also has a small lake in front of the green. It is a course with some great holes and landscapes.

Old Course at St Andrews

The Old Course at St Andrews, in Scotland, is another of the household name golf courses. It's the home of golf, and a course of considerable championship pedigree. This is one that has hosted 28 U.K. Open golf championships, which is a record number. Here Nicklaus, Woods and co have all been crowned Open champions.

The golf course itself now covers some 7,305 yards. It has approximately 112 greenside and fairway bunkers scattered along its holes. In addition to this, the course is also notable for its huge double greens which effectively combine two greens into one for a number of its holes.

It has a few famous holes such as the 17th Road Hole. This is a long par 4 that stretches some 495 yards, so it could be a short par 5. It includes the deep Road Hole bunker along its fairway. At is back green tarmac roadways and stone walls are both included within the hole. As a public course you can play this hole, and the others, at St Andrews.

Oakmont Country Club

Located at the rolling hills outside Pittsburgh is the Oakmont Country Club. This is one of Americas more historic courses that has been a regular venue for Major golf championship. Oakmont has hosted more Major golf championships than any other in the United States, except Augusta which is seasonal venue. Overall, it has played host to a record nine U.S. Opens, and an additional three PGA Championships. Furthermore, as it has been selected for another Open, a 10th will be played at the course.

As such, when it comes to championship golf few can match Oakmont. Its 18 holes cover approximately 7,255 yards. The course is notable for its slick and undulating greens. It also has more than 200 yards over its 18 holes, which is somewhat more than the Old Course. The most famous of its bunkers is that of the Church Pew bunker, which has transverging grass ridges, and comes into play on the third and fourth holes.

Among its famous holes is that of the 18th finisher. This is a classic final hole that extends some 484 yards. The hole has a tree-lined fairway and a multitude of bunkers scattered along it. It provides a suitable finale to any golfing championship.

Southern Hills Country Club

Southern Hills Country Club includes the Front Nine/Back Nine course. This is another of the United State's foremost championship courses located in Southern Hills, Tulsa. It has played host to a record four PGA Championships, and three U.S. Opens.

This golf course now extends 7,131 yards. It is a course that has a heated climate, and a tree-lined layout. That course also includes notable elevation changes between tees and fairways. Among its holes it has a 653 yard par-5 hole which eclipses most of the holes on the PGA Tour for distance.

Those are the courses that have hosted the most Majors. As regular venues for the Tour some gripping championships have been played on them. And there will be plenty more exciting Majors played at the legendary golf courses.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Golf Vacation Destinations: Grand Cypress Golf Club

The Grand Cypress golf club is one with a great collection of golf courses. It includes the New Course golf course, which is partly inspired by those at St Andrews. It is a golf course that has double greens, pot bunkers and stone bridges. In addition, its finishing hole is a replica of the 18th Road Hole. You can also play at the East, North and South golf courses. This video shows some of the holes at the golf club.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

U.S. Open Golf Courses

The U.S. Open is one of the most exciting golf championships that has been played at a variety of destinations in the United States. Whilst the Masters golf course is always the same, the U.S. Open has great variety of venues for the championship. A number of exciting championship courses have hosted the Open.


Oakmont golf course, in Pennsylvania, has hosted the record number of U.S. Opens. Having hosted several U.S. Opens the course is among the most famous in the United States. Oakmont has considerable slopes, and the famed Church Pews bunker that stretches some 100 yards. It includes a 667 yard par-5 golf hole at the 12th, which is among the most extensive PGA Tour holes.

The U.S. Open was first played there in 1927. Then the course yardage was somewhat less than the 7,230 yards of today. It was at Oakmont that Nicklaus won the first major of his career in a playoff round with Palmer. In later championships at Oakmont there were further playoff victories, such as Els' three-way playoff triumph in the Open during the 1990s.

Oakland Hills Country Club (South Course)

Oakland Hills Country Club, in Michigan, has a couple of 18-hole courses. Among them is the South Course which is the primary championship venue at the club. That's a golf course that can extend some 7,445 yards from the championship tees.

There six U.S. Opens have been played, among a number of other golf championships such as the PGA Championship and Ryder Cup. The most recent U.S. Open championship at Oakland was won by Jones after edging out Lehman in the final round.

Pebble Beach Links

Pebble Beach Links is a resort course that is ranked among the top 10 golf courses in the game. The golf course is located on the Monterey coastline of California, which provides a great landscape for Pebble Beach Links. It has some great coastal holes such as the 109 par-3 which has a green surrounded by Pacific Ocean. The 543 yard par-5 18th hole is along among the highlights at Pebble Beach Links. The Pacific Ocean dominates the left fairway of the hole up to the green.

Pebble Beach Links has been the venue of five U.S. Open Championships up to 2010. There both Nicklaus and Woods have been crowned U.S. Open champions. In the most recent championship at the course McDowell edged out Harvet by one to emerge as the first Irish champion in the U.S. Open.

Baltusrol Golf Club

Another regular venue of the U.S. Open is that of Baltusrol Golf Club. That's a golf club in New Jersey that has a couple of championship courses. At the Lower Course four U.S. Opens have been played, and an additional three have been hosted at the other Baltusrol courses. The Lower Course has a yardage of approximately 7,400 yards, with a par-5 hole that expands some 650 yards.

At the Lower Course four golfers were crowned U.S. Open champion. Nicklaus twice lifted the trophy at Baltusrol. Aside from the Open, the golf course has also been selected for a couple of PGA Championships.

Those golf courses have been great venues for the U.S. Open. There some enthralling Open championships have been played.

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Great Replica Golf Courses in United States

Replica golf courses are those that include replicas (or duplicates) of famous holes. They have famous holes from courses such as St Andrews, Augusta, Pebble Beach and Harbor Town. These are a few of the more convincing replica golf courses in the United States which restore famed golf holes and landscapes.

Tour 18 Houston

The Tour 18 golf course was one of the first to include an 18-hole compilation of exact famous hole replicas. This golf course includes three holes from the Augusta National course, the 12th Golden Bell Hole with Rae's Creek, the 11th and 13th. Other notable holes at the course is that of 17th hole at TPC Sawgrass with the green surrounded by a lake. The 14th par-5 hole at Pebble Beach, which has hosted five U.S. Opens and a PGA Championship, is also simulated at the Tour 18 Houston course. Overall, the holes are convincing replicas of the great championship holes.

Castle Course at Northern Bay

This is Northern Bay golf course includes up to several replica holes among its 18. Once again the TPC Sawgrass island green hole and 13th hole at Augusta is among them. Here you can also play the Augusta National's 16th hole, a longer par-3 with a lake separating the tee from green. Alongside them the Castle Course has the 18th at Bay Hill, third at Oakmont, 16th at Firestone and fifth hole from Oakland Hills.

The New Course at Grand Cypress, Orlando, FL

The New Course is one that is partly inspired by St Andrew's championship golf course. Whilst it doesn't have many exact replicas of the holes, the course still includes double greens, stone bridges and pot bunkers. It includes replica holes for the 18th Road Hole, as well as the 1st at St Andrews. As such, the New Course at Grand Cypress is the closest match to the famed St Andrew's course in the United States.

International World Tour Golf Links

At the International World Tour Golf Links, in Myrtle Beach, there are three nine-hole golf courses. The Open Nine, International Nine and Championship Nine include 27 famous replica holes. Holes from courses such as Augusta, Inverness, Oakmont, Spanish Bay, Royal Melbourne and Valderrama are simulated at the International World Tour Golf Links. Its the Championship Nine that includes holes inspired from the Major championships. The International Nine includes a variety of overseas holes, whilst the Open Nine course is more limited to famed holes from within North America.

At these replica golf courses you can play some great championship golf holes. From Pebble Beach to St Andrews they have a variety of replica holes from famous courses. They could be suitable destinations for an exciting golf vacation.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Trump International Golf Course

The Trump International Golf Links, in Aberdeenshire, is set in a dramatic set of sand dunes. It is a 7,428 yard golf course with tumbling fairways that have variable elevations. This video shows some of the golf course's holes and landscapes.

Sunday, May 25, 2014

Golf Courses That Have Plenty of Water

Whilst golf courses are predominately grass, they also include sand and water. The water is included on golf courses either with man-made lakes, or surrounding coastline. Golf courses that are located beside the sea do not always require the addition of lakes to add water. These are a few notable golf courses that have a variety of water holes.

Pebble Beach Links

Pebble Beach Links is a great championship golf course that is located on the coast of Monterey Bay, in California. After the first three holes at this golf course, the next four play around the coast of Stillwater Cover. The seventh hole is one of the more famous on the course, a short par 3 little more than 100 yards that has a green located beside the Pacific.

The latter nine also include some coastal holes. The 17th and 18th finishing hole are perhaps the most famous. The 18th hole is a par-5 hole that extends some 543 yards. The Pacific Ocean runs along the left side of the hole, up the green.

Pebble Beach Links golf course extends some 6,828 yards. Overall, half of the golf course's holes are located along the Pacific coastline. As such, even without any lakes water is still prevalent at Pebble Beach Links.

The Players Stadium Course

The Players Stadium Course is the Players Championship golf course. This is a golf course located in acres of Florida swampland. Whilst not a coastal course, a variety of lakes have been added to its holes.

Perhaps the most famous hole at this golf course is that of the 17th Island Green. That's a short par 3 that expands some 137 yards. The green is located in the middle of a lake, and is surrounded by water. Thousands of balls drop not on the green, but in the lake that surrounds it.

The 18th hole is another that has plenty of water. That's a 462 yard hole located beside a lake. The lake dominates the left side of the hole up to the green.

Cypress Point

Another great coastal golf course in Monterey is that of Cypress Point. Whilst the golf course doesn't have a comparable number of coastal holes as Pebble Beach, it still has some great water holes. The 15th, 16th and 17th are a majestic triumvirate of coastal holes.

The 16th hole is a par 3 that expands 231 yards. On that hole an ocean enclave separates the tee from the green. With up to six greenside bunkers included, the green is also surrounded by sand.

Aside from those the golf course doesn't include that many more coastal holes. The majority are more inland, and without any additional lakes don't have any water added. However, it's still a great coastal course.

Pelican Lakes Golf Course

Pelican Lakes, in Colorado, is an 18-hole championship golf course which expands 7,264 yards. However, with five expansive lakes, that expand hundreds of acres, the golf course has lots of water across its 18 holes. A lake runs alongside the left of the first and second holes. The 542 yard 11th hole is another located beside a lake that dominates one side of its fairway. The 17th hole is also surrounded by plenty of water.

With their coastlines and lakes they are golf courses which have considerable shorelines. As such, they have plenty of water holes. You won't find many other golf courses with a greater range of water holes.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

How Golfers Qualify for the U.S. Open

The U.S. Open is one of the four major golf championships played at various golf courses. This is a golf championship that has more open qualification than that of the Masters. Whilst the Masters invites the top 50 ranked PGA golfers, the U.S. Open includes up to 156 in the championship.

By default the top 60 ranked golfers qualify for the U.S. Open a few weeks before they play in it. Previously it was the top 50 ranked golfers, but that has now been expanded. As such, the top 60 in the PGA rankings amount for 38% of the overall number of players in the championship.

The previous winners of some PGA Tour championships also qualify for the Open. U.S. Open champions from the last 10 championships all qualify to play in it, and the top 10 from the previous Open are also included. As such, winning it once is a great way to ensure further qualification. In addition to this, the winners of the previous five majors such as the Masters, the U.K. Open and PGA Championship all qualify for the U.S. Open.

Aside from the majors, the U.S. Open includes the winners of the previous three PGA Championships. The winner from the previous BMW PGA Championship also qualifies. Amateur golfers that win either the previous U.S Amateur Championship, or U.K. Amateur Championship, qualify for the Open. Those that played in the previous year's Tour Championship are also included in the U.S. Open.

However, for those that aren't PGA Tour players, the road to the U.S. Open usually begins with local qualification. The first step of qualification is played over 18 holes at over 100 U.S. golf courses. A handful of those that begin at local qualification usually reach the U.S. Open. Several players, at each site, usually qualify from the sectional qualifiers.

The second, and last, stage of U.S. Open qualification is that of the sectional qualifiers. They are international qualifiers that take place at 11 U.S. golf courses, one in England and in Japan. They are played over 36 holes, with only a few number of qualifying spots at each of the sites. The number of U.S. Open spots at the sites varies depending on the number of players they have. In 2013, the number of spots at each site ranged from nine to two.

Those that qualify from the sectional qualifiers then join the rest of the PGA Tour players at the U.S. Open. A couple of golfers that qualified from the local and sectional stages have won the U.S. Open. However, the top ranked PGA golfers dominate, and usually win, the U.S. Open.

The 2014 U.S. Open will be played at Pinehurt's No 2 golf course. The local and sectional qualification stages whittled 9,860 golfers down to 156 final contenders for the 2014 U.S. Open championship title. They will be further cut to 60 after 36 holes at the No 2 course. Check out the U.S. Open website for further details on the championship.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Wade Hampton Golf Course

Wade Hampton, in Cashiers, North Carolina, is usually ranked within Golf Digest's top U.S. golf courses. This is a 7,302 yard golf course located within a natural valley between flanking mountain peaks. Check out this Wade Hampton video which shows the golf course's great landscapes.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Harding Golf Course Reopens

Harding Golf Course is a venue of the PGA Tour that the Tour once left after a period when the golf course deteriorated. However, the Tour returned again after renovations expanded the golf course to 7,200 yards. The World Golf Championships and Presidents Cup are among the great championships that have been played at TPC Harding Park. In 2013, the golf course underwent further renovations; and it has now just reopened for golfers.  

Mayor Lee stated: “TPC Harding Park is a world-class public golf course that has been part of our city’s storied golfing history. San Francisco is proud to showcase the newly renovated greens of Harding Park to residents and avid golf players around the globe.”

As such, all 18 greens at Harding Park have now been replaced. Their renovations include reconfigured approaches and refurbished bunkers. They filled the bunkers up with about 375 tons of Pebble Beach white sand.

TPC Harding Park is rated one of the top municipal golf courses in the United States. For further details, check out this website.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

Add a Golf Theme to Google Chrome

Looking for some golf themes for the Google Chrome browser? Well, you might not find many; but can still add your own custom golf themes to the browser. My Google Chrome is an extension with which you can add custom themes to Chrome. 

Click the + Free option on the extension's page to add it to your browser. Then click Launch App on the extension page to open a wizard which you can set up your own golf theme with. Select some golf wallpaper for the browser’s New Tab page background, and add green colors to Chrome. Then you might have a Google Chrome golf theme comparable to the one in the shot below.

With the My Google Chrome extension you can add a variety of golf themes to the browser. Check out this previous post for some links to golf wallpaper websites. Alternatively, you can also add your own golf photos to the theme.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Titleist's NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, DT Solo and Velocity Golf Balls

The latest Titleist golf balls are the NXT Tour, Velocity, DT Solo and NXT Tour S. They are golf balls that have new core, cover and aerodynamic technologies. The Titleist vice president of R&D stated:  

We’re constantly in the field talking with golfers, capturing their launch conditions on all types of shots, and observing how different golf balls perform for their game. All of this information feeds the product development process and allows us to focus our design efforts and ultimately, our prototype testing in ways that will enhance performance for these golfers.

The NXT Tour and NXT Tour S balls have been re-engineered with softer compression cores. The DT Solo also has a soft compression core, ionomer cover blend and is available with optic yellow and white colors. The Velocity has been redesigned with a reformulated, proprietary LSX core which gives better distance; and it also has a shallower angle of descent for more roll.  

Below is a video for the Velocity golf ball. For further details, check out this page.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top Five America's Longest Golf Holes

The USA has some fantastic golf courses, and some of the world's longest holes. Now you can find par-6 holes on America's golf courses which are becoming increasingly prevalent. These are the five longest golf holes in the United States.

Five: Black Mountain Club

Hole 17 at the Black Mountain Club is the fifth most expansive hole in the USA. The hole expands 747 yards which is the second longest in North Carolina. Much of the hole plays along a hill on the right side, and it also includes an elevated green above the fairway.

Four: Farmstead Golf Links

The finishing hole at Farmstead Golf Links, in Myrtle Beach, covers some 767 yards. It is a unique hole in which you can tee off in South Carolina, but putt in North Carolina! It is also the longest finishing hole in America.  

Three: The Links Golf Course

From the back tees, hole 9 at the Links  Golf Course is a 777 yard par 6. However, you can cut this down to size from the green tees which are just behind the hole's fairway, but still 500 yards from the green. Consequently, 277 yards separate the tee boxes ahead of the fairway.

Two: Spring Lake Golf Resort

The Spring Lake Golf Resort has Florida's longest golf hole. The par-6 sixth hole expands 800 yards across the Panther Creek golf course. From the longest tee you shoot across water, and a lake also lies along the left side of the green and latter half of the fairway. The hole also includes a couple of bunkers along the left of the fairway, and one on the right of the green.

Aside from this hole, the resort also has the world's largest green on its second golf course. The Cougar Trail's ninth hole has a green with an area of 47,000 sq feet. The Spring Lake Golf Resort website provides further details. 

One: Meadows Farm Golf Course

The longest hole in the USA is … drum roll... hole 12 on the Meadows Farm Golf Course! The hole is an 841 par 6 which includes a couple of lakes between its fairways, and trees along along the left side. Check out this previous blog post.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Prestwick Golf Course Video

The Prestwick Golf Club course, in Ayrshire, is a classic links golf course. The golf course, which expands 6,544 yards, has hosted the Open championship. It is built on rolling sandy land, and some of its holes run along railway tracks. This Prestwick video shows some of the golf course's holes and landscapes.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Great Golf Travel Websites

There are a variety of great golf resorts in the United States and Europe. Golf resorts such as Pebble Beach Resort and Pinehurst have top-class golf courses which have hosted Major championships. As such, there are also a number of great online resources.

Golfpac Travel

Golfpac Travel is a golf travel site that covers a variety of golf travel destinations in the U.S. and beyond. From the homepage, you can select a destination for the website’s drop down list. Or alternatively, select golf packages to find some great packages for a specific destination. The website also covers over 600 hundred golf courses with ratings provided.

World Golf

This website covers top golf course destinations. The website includes a selection of golf courses from over 50 countries which provide details on the yardages, pars and rating. It also includes a golf resort guide with brief details for each resort and the golf courses they include. In addition to this, the website has a big list of golf blogs where you can find links to lots of golf blogs, and if you have your own golf blog you can also have it listed here. At the bottom of the website there are also further links to a variety of sites a part of the Travel Golf network.

Your Golf

Your Golf is a website that covers a variety of potential golf holidays. The website includes a directory of golf holiday packages which can be booked from the website. Here you can search for golf resorts, golf hotels and golfing destinations. The website lists over 1,000 potential golf holiday destinations. The homepage includes search tools with which you can search for potential golf holiday packages. With the search box you can also input a golf vacation destination. As such, this is a golf travel website that is worth noting.

Golf Holidays

This is the website of Golf Holidays, a North American golf tour operator. There website covers 40 exciting golf destinations in the U.S., 100 golf resorts and over 400 golf courses. Here you can find details on a variety of golf resorts in the U.S. and their golf courses. The website also lists a variety of golf vacation packages at various resorts.

These are four golf travel websites that are worth noting. They are great online resources for golf travel that include extensive directories and details on a variety of golf travel destinations. For further details, follow the links included above.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Blog Archives

There are plenty of blog posts on Amateur Golfer beyond the first few pages. You can find them from the archives on the blog template. These are a few of the more notable posts from the archives.

The Golf Gamebook

"Digital scorecards aren't exactly new. Those are electronic scorecards which save your scores. However, they do not include official signing options..."

How to Play at the Augusta Golf Course

Unless you can get on the member list of Augusta's club, make the top 50 of the golf rankings or win a major you can't play the holes of Augusta. Well, actually you can..."

An Augusta Flyover

"The Augusta golf course has some great holes, all of which are included within this great simulated tour of the golf course. This EA tour flys over and through the course's holes from hole one to the final 18th. The flyover is from EA's Tiger Wood PGA Tour 12 golf game, which is the first to include the Master's golf championship. Check out the video below for an overview of this famous course..."

Golf Holes With Lots of Water

"A number of the world's more famous golf courses have golf holes that are surrounded by water. These are holes in which you can lose your balls, in more ways than one, when they fall down into the water. Water holes can be located alongside expansive lakes, creeks or perhaps even the sea and oceans. These are a few of the great golf holes in which you could take a swim on..."

Links Golf Courses

"Links golf courses amount to less than 1% of the overall total, and most of them are in Britain. The 2013 U.K. Open was played at the links golf course of Muirfield. But how exactly is that golf course any different from other alternatives?"

Great Mackenzie Golf Courses

"Mackenzie was a great course architect who inspired some famous golf courses in the early 20th century. Mackenzie's golf courses in the United States stretch from Georgia in the east, to California in the west. These are a few of Mackenzie's great golf courses..."

Free Drops

"In some cases during a round, you may have a free drop if your ball lands in a specific lie as outlined by the R&A. With a free drop you can lift and drop the ball a little further back onto a playable lie. So, when can you free drop?"

The Texas Wedge Putt

"The Texas Wedge is just another name for the putter. Except that it is only called a Texas Wedge when putting off the green. Mastering the Texas Wedge putt can be a great way to enhance your short game."

Sunday, April 06, 2014

Royal Troon Golf Course Video

The Royal Troon championship golf course is one that has hosted eight U.K. Open championships. It's a 7,175 yard golf course which includes a 601 yard par 5. It is usually ranked among the best links golf courses in the game. Check out the Royal Troon golf course video below.

Wednesday, April 02, 2014

The Best Holes in the USA

There are many great golf holes in the USA, and the best can be found at the championship caliber golf courses such as Augusta, Pebble Beach, Pinehurst and the Stadium course which hosts the Players Championship. The 500 World's Greatest Golf Holes book includes a selection of the best 18 holes in the USA. They are as follows:

Augusta National 13 
510 yards, Par 5

Bethpage (Black) 5 
455 Yards, Par 4

Colonial 5  
470 Yards, Par 5

Crystal Downs 8
 550 Yards, Par 5

Cypress Point 15
139 Yards, Par 3

Doral (Blue) 18 
443 Yards, 4

The Dunes 13
 590 Yards, Par 5

Merion (East) 13
 428 Yards, Par 5

The National 4
197 Yards, Par 3

Oakmont 3
425 Yards, Par 4

Pebble Beach 18
548 Yards, Par 5

Pinehurst (No 2) 5
482 Yards, Par 4

Pine Valley 13
448 Yards, Par 4

Shinnecock Hills 14
447 Yards, Par 4

Southern Hills 12
445 Yards, Par 4

Spyglass Hill 4
365 Yards, Par 4

TPC as Sawgrass (Stadium) 17
132 Yards, Par 3

Winged Foot (West) 10
190 Yards, Par 3

Those holes are largely dominated by the classic designs. Among them are holes that include plenty of water such as the enthralling 18th hole at Pebble Beach which plays alongside the Pacific Ocean, the 15th at Cypress Point on which the sea lies between the tee and green, and the short par-3 hole at TPC's Stadium Course which has a green surrounded by water. Lakes or streams lurk on half dozen of the finest holes in the USA. The selected holes are reasonably geographically dispersed, with several in the northeast, five in the south and three on the West Coast.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Poppy Hill Golf Course Reopens

Among the most anticipated golf course reopenings of the year is scheduled for 4 April. Then the newly renovated Poppy Hill golf course, at Pebble Beach, will reopen. Trent Jones returned to the golf course to give it something of a revamp.  

The golf course's drainage has been notably enhanced. The architects added native waste areas to reduce about 25 acres of irrigated turf. In addition, a more modern irrigation system has also added greater efficiency.  

Whilst the golf course's par has dropped by a stroke, they have expanded its overall yardage from 6,863 to 7,002 yards. This is largely due to the addition of the new Jones Trail back set of tees. There are now five sets of golf tees on each of Poppy Hill's holes.   

The golf course now includes a new par-3 11th hole. That is a hole which includes a large bunker behind its green. Overall, it is the shortest hole on the golf course.

The 12th hole now plays downhill to open up 
previously unseen views of Monterey Bay.  
The architects also revamped Poppy Hill's bunkers. They moved and enlarged many of the bunkers on the golf course. Natural sandy waste areas have also been added to Poppy Hill.

Renovations aren't just limited to the golf course either. The Poppy Hill clubhouse has been renovated to include a new dining menu and expanded TVs. Its deck overlooking the ninth and 18th holes has also had some modifications.   

"It’s a renaissance more than a renovation. It’s really a brand new golf course. The new conceptions have reinvigorated the golf course. They will bring the course back to all its glory." - T Jones

For further details on the Poppy Hills golf course, check out this website. That includes photos and video flyovers of the holes. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Royal Dornoch Golf Course Video

The Royal Dornoch Championship golf course, in Scotland, is mesmerising. This is a coastal golf course, beside a pure white, sandy beach, that is ranked among the top U.K golf courses. Its 18 holes cover some 6,697 yards, and include raised domed greens. Check out this Royal Dornoch golf course video. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The RZN Golf Balls

The RZN is Nike's latest golf ball which is boasting a revolutionary design. The ball's Speedlock core, which harnesses more energy, is said to give it a notable advantage when it comes to ball spin and distance. One of Nike's directors said of the ball:

We knew we hadn’t pulled 100 percent of the energy that we could out of the initial RZN core, which we brought out in 2011 with the 20XI ball.” Ishii stated: “Working in partnership with DuPont, we were able to develop a softer, faster RZN material and create that interlocking-core design. It works like gears locking in place with each other."

The new ball series includes the RZN Platinum, Red, White and Black models. The RZN Platinum and Black balls are four-piece models, and the Red and White are three-piece alternatives that have Surlyn covers. Check out this video for further details on the revolutionary golf balls. Well, actually the video says very little about the golf ball!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Highest Ranked Golf Courses in Continental Europe

Whilst the U.K. golf courses dominate the top golf courses in Europe rankings, there are still some notable European golfing destinations in other parts the continent. In 2011, Golf World Magazine compiled a ranking of the top 100 golf courses in continental Europe. In those rankings these are the courses that were included within the top five.

Five: Le Golf National

The Albatross golf course, in Paris, is the fifth in the rankings. This golf course is one that extends some 6,377 yards, and is a regular venue for the French Open championship. This hole includes a number of expansive lakes across it which come into play on a number of its holes. For example, the 18th, 16th and 15th is holes that play alongside a lake. The course has also been selected as a venue for the Ryder Cup.

Four: Royal Zoute Golf Club

This golf club is one that is located in Belgium. Of its courses, it's the Championship Course that is among the more highly rated in Europe. The Championship Course is a 6,172 yard golf course which has some undulating, but not exactly hilly, land and gnarly vegetation along its holes. Whilst its landscape, which is landlocked and a couple of km's from the English Channel, is perhaps not the most dramatic the course's land is ideally suited for golf.

Three: Royal Hague Golf & CC

The Royal Hague Golf Club, in Holland, has a course with substantial dunes along its holes. The dunes ensure a less than flat golf course with variable elevations. The course stretches approximately 5,709 yards, and has some notable rises and plunges over its holes. Overall, it has been effectively preserved, and the recent renovations to its 18 greens have further enhanced the course.

Two: Golf de Morfontaine

The second in Golf World Magazine's ranking is that of the France's Golf De Morfontaine. This one has an approximate yardage of 6,545 yards over its 18 holes. The course has plenty of hundred foot-high sylvestre pine trees along its holes. Whilst fairway bunkers are scarce, greenside bunkers are prevalent. Among its most notable holes is that of the 428 yard seventh hole which plays uphill, and then turns to the left with a downhill gradient to the green.

One: Les Bordes Golf Club

The number one ranked course is that of Les Bordes Golf Club, which is usually ranked among the top golf resort destinations in Europe. This exhilarating golf course layout stretches some 7,072 yards. It is set in a country estate, within the Sologne forest, and thus its holes are surrounded by oak and silver birch woods. As the course also includes a variety of lakes it has a number of water holes such as the fourth par-3 which has an island green.

These golf courses are World Golf Magazine's top five in mainland Europe. They are probably not among the most famous in the sport, but still have some great landscapes and layouts. For further details, check out this page which includes the full golf course rankings.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Golf on the Box

In the springtime there are some much more exciting golf championships. The build up to the Masters begins with 'warm-up' championships. These are a few that are on the box.

Valspar Championship

Thursday, March 13: Golf Channel
Friday, March 14: Golf Channel
Saturday, March 15: Golf Channel NBC
Sunday, March 16: Golf Channel NBC

Toshiba Classic

Friday, March 14: Golf Channel
Saturday, March 15: Golf Channel
Sunday, March 16: Golf Channel

Trophée Hassan II

Thursday, March 13: Golf Channel 9
Friday, March 14: Golf Channel 9
Saturday, March 15: Golf Channel 2
Sunday, March 16: Golf Channel 1

Arnold Palmer Invitational  

Thu 20th March Day 1, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 4 HD
Fri 21st March Day 2, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 4 HD

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Seminole Golf Course Video

Seminole Golf Course is one that is usually ranked among the best in the USA by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. This is a 6,940 yard golf course that includes plenty of water and an abundance of wildlife. Check out this Seminole Golf Course video.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Trump National Doral Blue Monster Golf Course Reopens

The Blue Monster golf course at the Trump National has now reopened! The course has had a rebuild, or redesign, and now this great golf course is back in business.

The redesign has increased the golf course's overall yardage. Now the golf course is 7,450 yards instead of the previous 7,125 yards.The expansion added an extra 100 yards to the first par-5 hole on the golf course.

However, the redesign hasn't just expanded the yardages. Hole eight and nine have been considerably revamped. For example, the par-3 ninth has been converted so that it plays entirely over water. The 16th hole now includes a peninsula green, and the architects have added water along the left side of the 15th hole's fairway.

So the Blue Monster isn't exactly the same golf course any more. The Red and Gold golf courses at the resort are to be reopened in the fall. Check out this page for some further details.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Famous Golf Trophies

The game of golf has a variety of championships which are a part of the PGA Tour. Each has a glistening trophy to be handed to the championship winner. The most famous golf trophies are those of the major championships, and other notable golfing events such as the Ryder Cup. These are a few of the more famous in the sport.

Ryder Cup

The Ryder Cup is, as you may have guessed, the trophy of the Ryder Cup championship. That championship, and trophy, was largely inspired by the seed merchant Samuel Ryder. For a regular international golf championship to take place between the USA and Great Britain golf teams, Ryder presented the trophy to the PGA of Great Britain. Today that has changed to USA V E.U., but the Ryder Cup remains the official trophy of the championship.

The Ryder Cup is a gold trophy that weighs a somewhat lightweight four pounds. It is topped with a sculptured golfer, who is supposed to be Abe Mitchell. That’s not a famous golfer, but one of Ryder’s colleagues.

The Player Championship Trophy

Even though it’s not a major, the Players Championship is one of the most exciting golf championships of the PGA Tour. The winner of this championship is presented with the Player Championship trophy. Unlike many other famous trophies, this trophy is not a cup as such. Instead it’s a small crystal slab on which a golfer is carved.

The Claret Jug

The Claret Jug is a golf trophy that dates back to the 19th century. The silver jug is presented to the winners of the U.K. Open golf championship. That is one of the majors of golf, and undoubtedly the most famous golf championship beyond the USA. However, as it replaced the Claret Belt it is not the original trophy of the U.K. Open.

This trophy is effectively a silver jug, which is more like a claret wine jug. Inscribed on the trophy is, “The Golf Champion Trophy” which is another title for it, although today it is more widely considered the Claret Jug trophy. Winners of the U.K. Open are also engraved on the trophy. The original jug is today displayed in the R&A Golf Club of St Andrews.

Masters Trophy

The Masters is a golf championship that is played at the Augusta golf course. It is the one major that is played a regular annual venue. The winners of the championship have lifted the Masters Trophy since it was first introduced in 1961.

As the Masters is always played at Augusta the trophy is more original than others. It is essentially a silver sculpture of the Augusta clubhouse, which rests on a pedestal. The trophy consists of 900 silver pieces, and weighs approximately 35 pounds. Bands of silver provide the space for the winner and runner-up engravings on the replica Masters Trophy which are given to the winners. The original trophy, in which the champions are also added, remains at the clubhouse.

Wanamaker Trophy

The Wanamaker Trophy is the one presented to the winners of the PGA Championship, another of the major golf championships. The trophy that is today presented is not the original, as that was actually lost by one of the former champions, Hagen, during the 1920s. When Hagen revealed that he had lost the trophy a duplicate replacement Wanamaker Trophy was introduced for the championship. Whilst the original was later found in a dusty crate within a Detroit warehouse during the ’30s, it was not brought back for the PGA Championship. Today it is on display at a PGA museum.

The replica Wanamaker Trophy is a fairly large one. It’s a silver golf cup that weighs approximately 27 pounds. On the front of the trophy is engraved, “Annual Championship of the Professional Golfers Association of America.” Alongside that the names of the PGA Championship champions are also still added to the original. For the champions, they take home a smaller replica of the trophy.

U.S. Open Championship Trophy

Another of the Grand Slams is that of the U.S. Open. Consequently, its trophy is one of the famous golf trophies. This golf trophy is one of the few American championship trophies that dates back to the 19th century. However, as the original has since been lost a replica model is now presented to the winners. The silver jug is topped with a majestic female figure with open wings.

These golf trophies are undoubtedly the most famous in the sport. Each season they are presented to their championship winners. They are grand and historic trophies that have been lifted by the great golfers of the game.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Formby Golf Course Video

The Formby Golf Course is ranked as one as of England's finest golf courses. It is a top-notch links golf course located near St Annes. It is a golf course that expands some 7,028 yards. The golf course is bordered on three sides by pine trees. Check out this Fromby golf course video:

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

KISS Guide to Golf

The KISS Guide to Golf is another of the golfing guide books for the sport. It’s a part of the KISS series of books, and provides a general golf guide. The book includes up to 400 pages, and with a foreword from PGA Tour star Montgomery it can be assumed that he provided some input for the author Duno.

The book is primarily a golfing guidebook for the game. As such, it provides details for all parts of it, from the long game to the short game, bunker play etc. Pitching, chipping, putting, tee shots and iron play are all covered within its pages.

The guidelines are illustrated with a variety of photographs of the various shots in motion, alongside the text. Photographs included in book vary in scale, with a variety of smaller ones as well as some larger full-page photos. There’s plenty of illustrations added alongside the photographs. The golfing puppy cartoon sketches are included throughout the book as a comical addition. Additional illustrations highlighting ball distances, hole layouts etc have also been included.

The book also provides a general golfing equipment guide. Primarily this covers the clubs for the golf course, with a club yardage guide. However, it also provides details on the other accessories such as ball markers, golf tees, gloves, balls and hats within its equipment chapter.

Also included within its pages is a golf vacation section. If you’re interested in taking a golf vacation, this provides some details for booking and selecting suitable destinations. There it includes some suggestions for what to pack, as well as details for resort packages. The book has a listing of 20 of the world’s famous golf courses, as well as 20 of the more famous courses that you can play on.

At the back of the book there is a website directory listing. Here a number of noteworthy golfing websites have been added, with their pertinent URL. Further appendices are also added for golf magazines and alternative golf books.

Among its final pages is that of a scoring table. This is a table where you can record some of your golfing scores, as well as total number of putts during the round. Whilst it’s a little short, the table can be photocopied for additional copies.

Whilst it’s not a golf history book, it does provide some historical details as well. Brief historical background is included within its opening pages. The KISS Guide to Golf also has a variety of trivia boxes which include some additional historical snippets.

If you’re searching for a guide to golf then this could be suitable. It pretty much has the whole game covered, and not just the more basic things, as well as additional extras for golf travel etc. Check out its Amazon page, where it has five star rating, for further details.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Highest Ranked U.K. Golf Courses

The United Kingdom has a variety of great courses in Scotland, England, N Ireland and Wales. Golf Digest have fairly regular rankings, among which are the top 100 golf courses beyond the United States. The top 10 of their rankings is dominated by the U.K. golf courses. These are the five highest ranked Golf Digest U.K. golf courses.

Five: Turnberry Resort (Ailsa), Scotland

Fifth in the rankings is that of Turnberry’s Ailsa championship golf course. This is a par-70 golf course that extends some 7,211 yards. It is renowned for its coastal scenery and holes that are flanked with rocks and sandy hillocks. Having hosted four U.K. Open Championships there’s no doubting that this is a championship course comparable with St Andrews.

Four: Royal Portrush G.C. Dunluce course, N. Ireland

One of N. Ireland’s most exciting courses is that of the Dunluce course. It is a links course approximately 7,143 yards. Among its notable holes is the fourth; a long 480 yard par-4 which has several bunkers alongside its fairway, and a green nestled between a couple of sand hills. The 14th hole, a long par-3 which plays over a large ravine, is also another of the course’s highlights.

Three: Murifield, Scotland

Muirfield, in Scotland, is one of the more regular venues for the U.K. Open. As it has played host to 15 Open Championships many great golfers of the PGA Tour have visited the course. In 1973 the Ryder Cup also came to town in Muirfield. Overall, the course has a great collection of holes such as 504 yard par five, and the uphill par-3 at the 13th.

Two: St. Andrews Links (Old), Scotland

St Andrew’s Old Course is probably the most famous, and is usually ranked among the top U.K. golf courses. Golf Digest place this second in their rankings, and as a home of golf the Old Course is something of a golfing shrine. 28 times the U.K. Open has been played at this acclaimed golf course, which is more than any other. It was here that Nicklaus played his large Major, and in 2010 the Open returned to St. Andrews.

Given its history the Old Course has some famed holes. The Road Hole, a 495 yard par-4, is probably the most famous. This includes the large Road Hole bunker. In addition to this, at the tee-box there are replica sheds that stretch out from the Road Hole Hotel. The 18th hole at St Andrews includes the Swilican Bridge. A number of the course’s holes have double greens which are combined for two holes. The holes have an overall yardage of 7,305 from the championship tees.

One: Royal County Down G.C., N. Ireland

Nestling at the feet of the majestic Mountains of Mourne is that of the Royal County Down championship links golf course. This is the U.K. course that Golf Digest rank higher than the Old Course. Its unique landscape combines both the Dundrum Bay coastline and the Mourne Mountains. Whilst it doesn’t quite have the same championship pedigree as St Andrews, few will doubt that the golf course’s landscape is unmatched by most.

Probably the most famous hole here is the ninth. That’s a 486 yard par-4 hole which has some great scenery. Here you tee off from an elevated tee, across a mound, to the fairway. The longest hole at the course is the 18th, a 548 yard par-5 which has 24 bunkers scattered along its fairway. Those are just a couple of the 18 holes which collectively have a total yardage of approximately 7,186 yards from the championship tees.

Those are five of the top ranked courses in the United Kingdom. These are great link golf courses, and you won’t find too many comparable anywhere else. Check out the Golf Digest website for the full rankings.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Golf on TV

Where I am it's pouring with rain, but the golf season is still underway. The February Tour championships are as follows: AT&T Pebble Beach National Pro-Am, Joburg Open and the Allianz Championship. They will be on the following channels:


Thursday, February 6: Golf Channel Sky Four
Friday, February 7: Golf Channel; Sky Four
Saturday, February 8: Golf Channel; CBS; Sky Four
Sunday, February 9: Golf Channel; CBS; Sky Four

Joburg Open

Thursday, February 6: Golf Channel; Sky Four
Friday, February 7: Golf Channel; Sky Four
Saturday, February 8: Golf Channel; Sky Four
Sunday, February 9: Golf Channel; Sky Four

Allianz Championship

Friday, February 7: Golf Channel
Saturday, February 8: Golf Channel
Sunday, February 9: Golf Channel

Unless you have the Golf Channel, Sky Four or CBS there isn't really much on. Best wait until April when the golf really hots up!

Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Highest Ranked Spanish Golf Courses

Spain has a variety of golf courses along its coastline and further inland. There some notable golf championships have been played, including the Ryder Cup. It boasts some of Europe’s top golf courses; many of which are included within Golf World Magazine’s 2011 top 100 courses in Europe. These are Golf World’s top five golf courses in Spain.

El Prat, Rosa, Norman

At 29th in the rankings, Rosa is the fifth Spanish course included. This is a championship golf course, located within rolling countryside on the outskirts of Barcelona, which expands some 7,103 yards. The Rosa course has a variety of terrain with the front nine holes playing through pine forest. Its back nine moves out to more open landscapes, and includes some inspired holes.

Real Club de Golf de Sevilla, Jose Maria Olazabal

The fourth ranked Spanish golf course in Golf World’s rankings is the Real Club de Golf in Seville. This is a par – 72 golf course that has a yardage of approximately 6,674 yards. It has some large fairways with Bermuda grass, and approximately 90 bunkers scattered along its holes. Covering 61 hectares the course boasts over 10,000 trees. Having previously hosted the World Golf Championship it’s a championship pedigree golf course.

El Saler Golf Club , Javier Arana Ybarra

The third highest ranked Spanish course, which is 11th in the overall rankings, is El Saler. El Saler extends some 7,095 yards. The majority of this course’s holes play over pine-laden slopes, and are surrounded by woodland. This course has a mix of forested and coastal holes adjacent to its Mediterranean coastline. Among the more notable is the short par-4 eight hole, located by the coast, which has an expansive sandy waste area.

PGA Golf de Catalunya, Neil Coles & Angel Gallardo

The second Spanish golf course is that of PGA Golf de Catalunya, which makes the overall top 10. This course is located on the Costa Brava, along the foothills of the Pyrenees, and extends some 7,205 yards. The Stadium Course at PGA Golf de Catalunya has some lush vegetation and a variety of green fir trees along its holes. The course is also notable for its large number of lakes which come into play on a number of holes such as the 13th. At the end of that hole one lake separates the fairway from green, and a second is also positioned directly behind it.

Valderrama Golf Club, Robert Trent Jones Sr

At number of one is perhaps the most famous golf course in Spain, that of Valderrama. For many this is the Augusta National of Europe, and it is ranked sixth in Golf World’s rankings. It has hosted some famous golf championships such as the Ryder Cup and World Golf Championships. The 6,951 yard course winds through oak and olive trees.

Among the most famous holes at this course is that of the fourth La Cascada hole. That is a 460 yard par-5 hole with an expansive fairway, surrounded by trees, that runs up to the green. On the right side of the green there is a large pond in which balls can fall, and on the left a greenside bunker. Water also comes into play on the 10th par-4 hole with a large lake along the right of the fairway. That fairway plays up to a green surrounded by five bunkers.

Those are Golf World’s top five in Spain. They are also ranked among the best in Europe by a variety of others such as Golf Digest etc. Check out the full Golf World rankings here.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Great Winter Golf Destinations

In some parts it rains and snows during the winter. As such, the golf season very much ‘drizzles’ out, or if snow falls golf courses are snowed out. But there are still some locations which have a suitable golfing climate during the winter months.

Barbados & Caribbean 

The subtropical Caribbean would seem an ideal destination for some winter golf. Be it Jamaica, Barbados or the Bahamas there’s some great golf resorts there with PGA Tour venues included. For example, among some of the top ranked golf resorts in North America is that of Sandy Lane in Barbados.

That resort includes some famed courses such as the first Old Nine, a nine-hole golf course with small tree-lined fairways and greens. Alongside that there are 18 – hole courses such as the Green Monkey, a 7, 343 yard course with some holes that eclipse the 600 hundred mark. Located beside the Caribbean Sea is that of the Country Club, a championship calibre course which has a variety of lakes. With a winter more similar to spring in parts of the USA there probably won’t be too much rain and snow at the Barbados’ Sandy Lane resort in January.


If you’re searching for a golfing destination in the USA Alabama is one to consider. With mild winters, take a trip to the Trent Jones Golf Trail which has some hot golf courses. This trail consists of eleven golf clubs, and that amounts to approximately 26 golf courses. Check out club’s such as Oxmoor Valley, which has three 18-hole golf courses that play alongside scenic forests and a variety of creeks. Others, such as Magnolia Grove, include a combination of par-3 courses and larger golf courses. The Silver Lakes club has a variety of scenic 9-hole courses to play at.

San Diego

San Diego is another America’s sunshine hot spots. Average precipitation in this U.S. state is somewhat less than others. So, why not check out some of its winter golf courses? Barona Creek Golf Club and La Costa Resort & Spa are two golfing resorts that have extensive courses that eclipse the 7,000 yard mark. But it’s the Torrey Pines Golf Course (South Course) that is the largest at some 7,607 yards. This is a championship golf course that hosted the 2008 U.S. Open.

Sonoran Desert Golf Trail and Other Desert Courses 

A desert is the driest of landscapes you will find. That is not suggesting that you book your golfing vacation in Sahara; there aren’t many courses there! However, some desert locations do have some notable golf courses/resorts. Consider the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Here you can play the Sonoran Desert Golf Trail which include six desert golf courses alongside the McDowell Mountains and Tonto National Forest.

The Mountain Course is another with saguaros and paloverdes set alongside the deserts of Arizona. In Las Vegas there is Prim Valley’s Desert Course. This 7,100 yard course includes notable desert landscaping with colorful cactus and desert wildflowers. It also includes some water on a few of its holes.

These are just a few notable destinations for golf during the winter. The Caribbean, Alabama, San Diego, Arizona and Las Vegas have some great courses and suitable winter climates for golf. There the golfing season continues with winter golf championships such as the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Great Championship Golf Courses in Europe

Europe has some great championship golf courses that have hosted a number of great championships. Countries such as Scotland, Spain, England and Wales have some fine championship golf courses. These are a few of the great championship golf courses in Europe.

St Andrews Old Course

Undoubtedly, St Andrews Old Course is the most famous championship golf course in Europe. The Old Course is one of the oldest courses, and has staged a number of UK Open championships. In fact, it has hosted no fewer than 28 UK Opens in its history dating back to the 19th century. As such, many great golfers have played at hallowed course of St Andrews Old Course. The course itself is approximately 6,387 yards in length, and is a par 72. It is famous for its unique double greens, with many holes sharing the same greens. In addition, St Andrews also has some very deep bunkers such as the Road Hole bunker at the 17th Road Hole. As a result, the Old Course is considered one of the sport’s finest courses.

The Belfry 

The Belfry’s championship course is one of England’s finest championship golf courses. The Belfry has hosted four Ryder Cups dating back to 1985, and numerous other European Tour events such as the Benson & Hedges International Open. The finest European and American golfers have played at the Belfry’s championship course. The Belfry is a 7,000 yard golf course which has large bunkers and lakes scattered around its 18 holes.


Valderrama is perhaps the most famous golf course and resort in Spain, and one of Europe’s great championship golf courses. This Trent Jones course is considered to be one of the best courses in Europe. Valderrama was the first golf course to host a Ryder Cup in continental Europe, and has also hosted other European Tour golf championships such as the Volvo Masters and the WGC-Cadillac Championship. The course itself is approximately 6,300 yards long, and has some famous holes such as the par 4, which has a small green located above a small waterfall.

The Twenty Ten Golf Course – Celtic Manor Resort

The Twenty Ten course at the Celtic Manor Resort staged the 2010 Ryder Cup in Wales; the first course in Wales to host the event. The course is especially notable for its watery pit-fulls, which are included on half the course’s holes. At 7,400 yards from the blue tees the course also has a good amount of distance, and some long holes such as its great finishing hole which is 575 yards long.

These are a few of the great championship golf courses in Europe. They include the famous St Andrews Old Course, the Belfry championship course, Valderrama and the new Twenty Ten course at the Celtic Manor Resort. These golf courses have hosted a number of Ryder Cups, UK Open championships and other European Tour events and are among Europe’s top courses.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Turnberry Ailsa Course

The Turnberry Ailsa Course in Scotland is one of the more famous championship golf courses which has been ranked eighth in Golf Digest's Best Golf Courses Outside the U.S. rankings. The 7,211 yard golf course has hosted the U.K. Open Championship four times. Turnberry Ailsa is a coastal golf course which has a lighthouse that overlooks the sea. This video includes some great footage of the Turnberry Ailsa Course.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Barbados Polo Vacation

For many people, life was not started in Barbados, but it was perfected there. You can experience fine living and choose the island as a vacation destination that will rival any festival, sports event, performing arts, or culinary shows as they are all offered in Barbados. Unforgettable experiences and exciting opportunities will make your vacation one of the best that you have ever taken.

One of the best ways to spend your time in Barbados is to take a Barbados Polo vacation Polo is widely played on the island. They have four fields, Lion Castle, Holders, Clifton, and Waterhall. These are places matches are regularly kept. Polo matches attract many international teams from around the world, as many teams are eager to compete against the Barbadians on their home turf.

Whether or not you are a polo player should not be a deterrent for you to visit the island for a polo vacation. The residents of Barbados, (Bajans), are sports-oriented and this is not shocking as they experience a tropical climate the year round. There are different variations of polo that have been played for many years and the Bajans have continued to play since then.

The beginnings of polo matches in Barbados go way back to the Garrison Savannah and ended at the Holder’s Polo Club. They host an annual battle-of-the-sexes match, which attracts a lot of spectators and supporters each year. This has added to the popularity of the sport. Tourists, locals, and visitors alike, look forward to spending their time watching and cheering at these matches when they take their Barbados vacations.

The game is well suited to the Barbadian lifestyle as it includes a lot of sun and horses, which forms a part of their everyday lives. It was formerly restricted to wealthy plantation owners, but was later made available to people in the lower echelons of society.

Polo has evolved on the island since then as many people now try to be a part of it and enjoy watching the game. Several times per year, visitors and teams from different countries all over the world challenge the Barbadian team when it is polo season. The season begins in January and ends in May of each year. There are currently two types of polo, field polo and arena polo. Both are very popular on the island.

Sports tourism has taken off because of this sport. As a result, even Prince Charles has been on the list of visitors to the island for their Polo games. Professional bodies and families like to partake in the activities that surround the game of polo when they visit Barbados.

Large crowds are drawn to matches and children delight in the festivities and activities. Who would have thought that the skilled riders who ride the horses on the field, trying to get a ball into a goal with a mallet, would attract so many supporters? But it continues to do so, even today.

Barbados Villa Services can let you enjoy your Barbados polo vacation with their wide selection of villas to rent along with places where you can stay while you are in Barbados. Visit their site and choose the date of the polo match or matches and choose a villa that is in the same vicinity of them. Make your vacation one to remember.

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Sunday, January 12, 2014

Add a Golf Theme to the Firefox Browser

The Firefox browser has a variety of add-ons. Among them is a golf theme that you can to the browser. You'll need to have Firefox 3.6 or above to add it. The theme gives you some of the following:

  • Access to Golf Directory
  • A Golf Game
  • Sign up for tee times

It also adds a golf course background to the browser as in the shot below. To add the theme to Firefox, check out this page.

Wednesday, January 08, 2014

New 2014 Golf Clubs to Watch out for

There are a few golf clubs that will take the game by storm in 2014. Both Nike and TaylorMade have some of the most exciting clubs which could give you an extra edge on the golf course. These are a few to note.

TaylorMade Ghost Putters - These are already on the PGA Tour, but 2014 should bring new styles. They are expected to have several of the following models: Daytona 12, Daytona 62, Fontana 72, Maranello 81, Monte Carlo 12, Sebring 62 and Corza 72. The putters have a  80/20 Pure Roll insert comprising 20 percent aluminium and 80 percent Surlyn.

Nike Method Putters - Nike's flagship putter will have a notable update in 2014.The putters include polymer-aluminium inserts and tour weighting. Models could include blade putters, steel-shafted putter heads and other classic designs.

Nike Covert 2.0 - This driver is becoming one of the clubs of choice on the PGA Tour. The club (in image below) is among the first high speed cavity back 1-woods with weight distributed to the club head's perimeter. The updated 2014 version should further promote higher distance numbers.

TaylorMade SpeedBlade Irons - These are distance oriented irons. The clubs include a handlebar-shaped Speed Pocket slot in the sole. A TaylorMade director stated, “The Speed Pocket helps you launch those low-impact shots on a consistently higher, longer-carrying and softer-landing flight.

Those are a few of the 2014 golf clubs that could have some impact on the PGA Tour. They should be a great addition to any golf bag.

Wednesday, January 01, 2014

Pikewood National Golf Course Video

One of the most exciting new U.S. golf courses is the Pikewood National Golf Course. This is a 7,588 yard golf course set within a forest landscape. The golf course is now ranked at 45 in Golf Digest's top 100 rankings. Check out this video tour: