Sunday, March 31, 2013

Kawartha Golf & Country Club Video

The Kawartha Golf & Country Club is one of the more exciting golf courses in Canada. It's a 6,464 yard golf course that Golf Digest ranked 24th in its Canada Classic Course rankings. Check out this short course video: 

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Sharp clarity on the green with Oakley Radar Sunglasses

Imagine the ideal pair of sunglasses for the golf course, comfortable, resilient and not only protective from the sun but also gives you perfect clarity of vision at all times and you’ll discover it is the exceptional collection of Radar Sunglasses from the optics specialists and global brand icon Oakley.

Each type of Oakley Radar Sunglasses is specially designed for sports use and made with incredible precision and feature the pinnacle of technologies exclusive to Oakley. In particular the Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses are favoured by golfer Rory McIlroy, but both the Oakley Radar Pitch Sunglasses and the Oakley Radar Range Sunglasses are also up to the task of any golfers needs.

The Oakley Radar Sunglasses have a wrap-around frame made from O-Matter which provides a lightweight comfort including impact resistance, but also has integrated surge ports near the temples for a cooling airflow. Each pair also comes with two nosepieces sizes for the best fit and they’re made from Oakley Unobtainium which actually increases its grip when you sweat so they’ll stay put at all times. The Radar frames also make use of the Oakley Three Point fit giving not only increased comfort but also holds the lenses in precision alignment.

Oakley lenses are certainly something to behold, utilising the pinnacle of Oakley technologies like Oakley High Definition Optics for unrivaled crystal clear vision which when combined with the Oakley Polaric Ellipsoid lens geometry allows perfect clarity across the entire lens. The actual lenses are made from Plutonite, another Oakley innovation that protects your eyes from one hundred percent of UVA, UVB and UVC including rays from the blue light spectrum up to 400nm. Incredibly the lenses are interchangeable as well so with a simple and secure swap you can choose the lens suited to current weather conditions, whether it’s the golf specific G30 lenses, clear lenses or Iridium coated lenses to vastly reduce unwanted glare.

You can’t ask for a better pair of sunglasses to aid your game when you are enjoying a round of golf at your favourite green than the Oakley Radar Sunglasses collection consisting of the Oakley Radar Path Sunglasses, Oakley Radar Pitch Shades and Oakley Radar Range Sunglasses.

About the author:

Adam Berryman is a marketing copywriter for Blackleaf which is the UKs leading online retailer for skate, surf and snow clothing and equipment. Head over to the Blackleaf blog for upcoming news and offers!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Great Finishing Holes

When it comes to golf holes, architects usually save the best for last. Many of the most famous are the 18th holes. In the PGA championships these can be the holes in which the championships are won or lost. For any golfer they can be the holes in which you set a new scoring record, or alternatively fall short of your records. These are a few of golf's great finishing holes.  

18th at Pebble Beach  

The 18th at Pebble Beach Links is perhaps the most exciting finishing hole in golf. This is ranked among the top 18 golf holes in the sport by various golf magazines and books. What sets this hole apart is the left-breaking ramble along the Carmel Bay shore, that dominates the left side of the fairway. The hole stretches some 548 yards along the shoreline, and has a green surrounded by bunkers. Few finishing holes can match it, and on this hole five U.S. Opens have been won and lost.  

18th at TPC Sawgrass

This is the finishing hole of the Players Championship that is played at the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course. After the 17th island green on the TPC Sawgrass Stadium Course comes the 18th, which has a substantial lake along its left fairway. The water sweeps up to the left of the hole's green. The hole stretches some 447 yards, and certainly makes for a great finale at the Players Championship.

18th at Harbour Town Golf Links  

Another famous golf course of the PGA Tour is that of the Harbour Town Links. At the end of this hole is the the red-and-white striped Harbour Town lighthouse, and surrounding moored yachts. It stretches almost 500 yards, with out-of-bounds stakes on the right side of the hole, and the marsh of Calibogue Sound on the left of the fairway. Beyond that is the Port Royal Sound. Overall, it's one of the great PGA Tour holes.  

18th at Doral Resort

The finishing hole at the Doral Resort, Florida is another that is dominated by a lake. This is a 467 yard hole has a lake along the left of its fairway and green. On the right of the hole there are five notable greenside and fairway bunkers. The photo on the left includes the hole's lake fountain.  

18th at Bay Hill Club

The 18th at the Bay Hill Club is a 441 yard par-4 hole. The final third of this hole includes a lake along the right side of its fairway and green. When the lake comes into play the fairway narrows up before the green. The left of the green is dominated by sand bunkers, with the lake on the right.  

Those are some of the great finishing holes. The holes are among the most exciting on the PGA Tour.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Rolling Greens Golf Club Video

The Rolling Greens Golf Club course is among the top ranked golf courses in Pennsylvania. It is ranked 10th in the Golf Digest Pennsylvania course rankings, and 78th in Golf Week's top 100 Classic Courses. The course has substantial rolling hills and variable elevations. It also has some extensive holes such as the ninth par-5 which expands some 614 yards. Check out this Rolling Green Golf Club course video:

Monday, March 11, 2013

Ping G25 Irons Compare Sale Prices

The G25 is Ping's latest offering brand new for 2013. The G25 range consists of drivers, fairway woods, hybrids and irons, and one thing is for sure they are all very special - just ask Bubba Watson!
The Ping G25 irons offer the latest in Ping’s game improvement technology and offer more forgiveness, great news for all of us amateur golfers out there, with technology aimed at offering an improved trajectory helping you reach those greens much easier. The irons feature a bigger head size, features a much sleeker profile than the G20 and has a narrower sole, a thinner top line and a moderate offset. The G25 appeals to golfers of all abilities with their features and design.
The longer irons have a wider sole width and offset which helps with getting the ball higher, and helping you hit it longer whilst also offering greater degrees of forgiveness. The soles get progressively narrower as you club down to the smaller irons, which help by offering more versatility and control on all conditions.
To maximize forgiveness in the streamline profile, Ping have thinned the faces of the G25 irons so that the weight is redistributed at the back and base of the club with the aim of offering more power and control. Heal and toe support bars and a low toe weight stabilize the face even more and really helps with distance control. The biggest contributing factor to the improved performance of the Ping G25 irons is the more efficient CTP design. Ping have integrated the CTP structure further down into the sole of all irons, which moves mass down and aligns the support of the CTP directly with the striking area of the iron that improves with power and distance, and also give the G25 irons a real solid feel.
The Ping G25 irons are available in right and left handed models with steel or graphite shafts in both mens and women’s sizes. If you are looking for a full set then you can match these irons with the Ping G25 driver, fairway woods or hybrid clubs. You’ll be able to find the full set of Ping G25 irons- 3 to 9 irons starting at anything from around £600. If you are thinking of treating yourself and upgrading your irons in 2013, then the Ping G25 should certainly be on your shopping list. The irons are a versatile performer suitable for all conditions and all skills of golfer aimed at helping shave those precious couple of strokes of your game.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

The Tierra Del Sol Golf Club

The Tierra Del Sol Golf Club course, in Aruba, is ranked as one of the top golf courses in the Caribbean. This Trent Jones golf course expands some 6,811 yards. It is located alongside the eastern and western Caribbean shores, just a couple of miles off Palm Beach. You might even find some lizards on the course. Check out this course tour video of its 18 holes:

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Five Putting Pitfulls

Putting is a big part of the game of golf. You will certainly make at least one putt for every hole you play. Indeed, you will probably make more putts during an average round. Lots of putts on the green will inflate scoring, so here are a few of the pitfulls to note when putting.

Select the Wrong Putter

Let us first consider the putter itself. Putting with an inappropriate putting club could raise your putting averages. Putters can come in various shapes and sizes, so make sure that the putter you use is suitable. Overall, the putter will need to be of a suitable size, and not be too heavy.

Not Reading the Green

When on the golf course there are a few things to consider when putting on the green. Before you even step on the green make sure you pay attention to the topology. Do not forget that few greens are exactly flat, and will likely have a variety of upward and downward slopes. If you hit an uphill putt as you would a putt on a flat putting green then the ball will likely not reach the hole, and could even start rolling back depending on the steepness of the slope. A downward putt needs to be a little lighter as the ball will roll further. It should also be noted that longer putts will break towards or away from the hole on more sloped greens. Balls also roll further on dryer greens than wet ones.

Underhit Putts

Even if you are lagging a putt towards the hole, do not underhit the putt so that it doesn't reach the hole. Evidently, an underhit putt will never go into the golf hole. As such, with lag putts you should really try and over hit the putt slightly, so it goes a little past the hole leaving just a short putt to finish. With a degree of luck such a lag putt may even go in the hole! I've put a few longer distance putts in the hole myself. But over hitting the ball a little is more essential for short putting.

Hit lag Putts Like Short Putts

Lag putts and short putts are not the same. While short putts are aimed to go in the hole, this is not necessarily the case with lag putts. Most of your longer lag putts will probably not go in, and so you need to aim to finish just a few feet off the hole (within three feet would be great). As such, accuracy is not so important with these, but how hard you hit the ball, and the tempo of the putt, is more so. While the setup is the same, lags require a longer, sharper putt.

Forget to Remove the Flag

Remember that in the game of golf you should remove the flag before you putt on the green. This is because if you do not, and the ball goes into the hole touching the flag, then you should add a two stroke penalty to your score. So overall, it would be good to remove the flag from the hole!

Those are five putting pitfulls. Make sure you have a suitable putter, read the green, don't underhit putts, do not play longer putts the same as shorter and also remove the flag from the hole before you putt on the green.