Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Great Winter Golf Destinations

In some parts it rains and snows during the winter. As such, the golf season very much ‘drizzles’ out, or if snow falls golf courses are snowed out. But there are still some locations which have a suitable golfing climate during the winter months.

Barbados & Caribbean 

The subtropical Caribbean would seem an ideal destination for some winter golf. Be it Jamaica, Barbados or the Bahamas there’s some great golf resorts there with PGA Tour venues included. For example, among some of the top ranked golf resorts in North America is that of Sandy Lane in Barbados.

That resort includes some famed courses such as the first Old Nine, a nine-hole golf course with small tree-lined fairways and greens. Alongside that there are 18 – hole courses such as the Green Monkey, a 7, 343 yard course with some holes that eclipse the 600 hundred mark. Located beside the Caribbean Sea is that of the Country Club, a championship calibre course which has a variety of lakes. With a winter more similar to spring in parts of the USA there probably won’t be too much rain and snow at the Barbados’ Sandy Lane resort in January.


If you’re searching for a golfing destination in the USA Alabama is one to consider. With mild winters, take a trip to the Trent Jones Golf Trail which has some hot golf courses. This trail consists of eleven golf clubs, and that amounts to approximately 26 golf courses. Check out club’s such as Oxmoor Valley, which has three 18-hole golf courses that play alongside scenic forests and a variety of creeks. Others, such as Magnolia Grove, include a combination of par-3 courses and larger golf courses. The Silver Lakes club has a variety of scenic 9-hole courses to play at.

San Diego

San Diego is another America’s sunshine hot spots. Average precipitation in this U.S. state is somewhat less than others. So, why not check out some of its winter golf courses? Barona Creek Golf Club and La Costa Resort & Spa are two golfing resorts that have extensive courses that eclipse the 7,000 yard mark. But it’s the Torrey Pines Golf Course (South Course) that is the largest at some 7,607 yards. This is a championship golf course that hosted the 2008 U.S. Open.

Sonoran Desert Golf Trail and Other Desert Courses 

A desert is the driest of landscapes you will find. That is not suggesting that you book your golfing vacation in Sahara; there aren’t many courses there! However, some desert locations do have some notable golf courses/resorts. Consider the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Here you can play the Sonoran Desert Golf Trail which include six desert golf courses alongside the McDowell Mountains and Tonto National Forest.

The Mountain Course is another with saguaros and paloverdes set alongside the deserts of Arizona. In Las Vegas there is Prim Valley’s Desert Course. This 7,100 yard course includes notable desert landscaping with colorful cactus and desert wildflowers. It also includes some water on a few of its holes.

These are just a few notable destinations for golf during the winter. The Caribbean, Alabama, San Diego, Arizona and Las Vegas have some great courses and suitable winter climates for golf. There the golfing season continues with winter golf championships such as the WGC-Accenture Match Play Championship.

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