Sunday, January 29, 2012

T-Rex at St Andrew's Old Course

Yes, strange though it may sound, a T-Rex has been spotted at St Andrew's Old Course! Golfers fled in panic as the T-Rex stormed up to the famous Swilcan Bridge, and then the R&A club house. However, one golfer that survived to tell the tale did manage to take a fantastic photograph of the T-Rex at St Andrews. And here it is:

The T-Rex at St Andrews!
This dinosaur photograph can be added to your desktop as desktop wallpaper. Check out this website for further details.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Bridgewater Golf Course, Lakeland, Florida

The Bridgewater golf course is an exciting new Florida course, in Lakeland, that was opened in 2007. Designed by Steve Symers, it is a links style golf course with 18 superb holes.

When Symers designed this course, he wanted to create a long golf course, which would provide a test for longer hitting players. Certainly, the course comes with some formidable par 5s. The longest hole is 583 yards off the black tee, while hole 3 has a lengthy maximum of 267-yards. Overall, the course measures 7,200 yards. The green complexes are also large, at approximately 10,000 square feet.

The course has a risk-reward approach, particularly around some of the greens. Heart-break ridge has become an example of this, and is considered the signature hole. It has an elevated green, which is surrounded by water on the left, and a deep bunker on the right. Likewise, it is almost a 500-yard par 4.

It offers a strategic challenge also. The risk-reward nature of the course creates various shot-options and routes to the hole. In many respects, this was as Symers intended.

The course has a good location, and as Symers put it, will actually turn into a nature conservancy as well. The course does indeed have a fair amount of wildlife to mix in with the golf.

It has 5 tees for players of all levels. These range from the shortest white tees, to the longest black championship tees. Players can pick the tee they feel best suits them, and play from there.

Rates at the course vary. The regular maximum rate is $60 dollars, before 2 pm. Off peak, after 2 p.m. the rate drops to $30. However, for a Florida resident it is only $25 dollars of peak. Better still, a Bridgewater player's card gives further reductions down to $15 dollars for an off peak round. A 10 round pass is also available.

The course is also next to a good club-house, which is well stocked. It includes a pro shop, plus a snack area and lounge and an impressive expansive patio. Equally, the practise facilities are upscale with target greens, short game with sand bunker and putting green.

Since opening, the course has been widely acclaimed. Golf Week Magazine has given it its seal of approval, rating it as one of the top 100 golf courses you can play.

Certainly this course should not be missed. It offers a good location, with moderate rates and a lengthy course with interesting design features.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two, Three and Four-Piece Golf Balls

There are three types of golf balls which you can use on the golf course. These are the two, three and four piece golf balls. These golf balls have different aerodynamic properties due to their different designs.

To begin with, there is the two-piece golf ball which most will be familiar with. This is the most standard golf ball as they are the cheapest. These balls provide greater backspin, and therefore will travel further than the alternatives.

However, on the PGA Tour three-piece golf balls are favored. These golf balls are softer than two-piece golf balls, and have a core surrounded by a mantle. As such, even though they may not go so far they provide greater maneuverability than your average two-piece balls. So, they can be more accurate than two-piece golf balls. 

Four-piece golf balls are an enhancement on three-piece balls. They have more advanced designs with liquid cores, and so are usually the most highly valued golf balls. These balls are more likely to drop and stop on the green than a two-piece golf ball which could stop somewhat further from the hole.

So, it’s worth noting whether a golf ball is a two, three or four-piece golf ball. Check the golf ball details on their boxes which should highlight whether it is two, three or four-piece ball. Although, the majority are two piece golf balls with an emphasis on greater ball spin and distance that could ensure an extra few yards are covered on the course. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Gunpowder Golf Shot

Check out this gunpowder golf shot video!

Sunday, January 15, 2012

What is the difference between Pitching and Chipping?

There are in fact a number of differences between pitching and chipping. These relate to set up, loft, club selection and distance of shot.

The overall set ups are not the same. The chip shot requires the feet to be closer together, and the ball placed towards the heel of the right foot. Likewise, the pitch shot actually has the ball placed more centrally and a wider stance. The club is also gripped lighter with the pitch.

Also required with a pitch, is a more open stance. Usually this should be at an angle, while the chip shot stance has to remain square to the target line.

After this, the chip requires a smaller swing than the pitch shot. With a pitch shot, the swing also involves using your wrists and a lighter grip. With a chip, this is not so much the case.

Club selection for the chip shots can be more flexible. You can use irons to chip with, as well as the wedges. With pitching, the loft required for the shot only makes the wedge clubs suitable for the shot.

Because of this, the actual shots are not that similar. The chip will have far less loft, and will roll along the ground a good distance before stopping. In contrast, a pitch is entirely air-born, with far greater loft and very little roll on the ground. As such, the chip shot is shorter in distance than the pitch shot, which can be used beyond 50 yards.

The greater roll of the chip makes it ideal for a short shot onto the green from within 25 yards. Usually, when it touches the green, the ball will roll on the green towards the flag like a putt. Likewise, its more limited loft means it escapes the wind more easily than with a pitch shot.

Without a great deal of loft, however, it is no good if an obstacle is in the way like a bunker. Here, the loft of the pitch shot will clear it, and touch down on the green behind. This makes the pitch more useful for getting over other close obstacles also, like bushes.

The pitch is also good for escaping long grass. The steep swing and loft of the wedges will cut through the grass and scoop the ball back onto the fairway. Here, you can open up the club face also, which will increase the loft of the shot a little.

Overall, the pitch shot is more difficult to do accurately. With the wind blowing, getting the ball close the green can best be done with a chip shot. Even without, pitch shots can be less accurate. For this reason, it's always better to chip when possible.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Top Golf Courses in Southern California

California is home to sun, surfers and golf courses! It has its fair share, and the best golf courses in southern California are undoubtedly something special. While it is tricky to pick a best from such a diverse group of courses, there are a few that stand out.

While the famous Pebble Beach may be northern California's gem, Pelican Hills is often said to be the southern equivalent. Located in Newport Beach, Pelican Hill is a public resort course on the sea. It has wonderful views, and is a links style course.

A classic old-style course, Indian Wells country club gives you course with some spectacular twists. Located near the rocky mountains, it has some interesting features such as plunging hills on fairways. While it may not be the longest course, at 6, 478 yards it will certainly provide an entertaining round.

The Oak Quarry golf club has a unique golf course. A course built into a rock quarry, which is visually stunning with rock framing holes. For an inland course, it's a remarkable feet of golf design. The 14th golf hole is particularly impressive, with a 400ft-limestone wall towering over the hole. It is regarded as one of the best holes in California.

For a top value course, you might not find any better than in southern California than Barona Creek. For $50 dollars, you can get a round at a course that stretches out over rolling terrain, and has some of the fastest greens you might well come across.

The Torry Pines Municipal golf Course, is one of the most highly regarded in the southern California state. It is a public course, and has excellent coastline views along its 7,607 yards. It has featured in a number of golf magazines' top golf course rankings, making the top 10 on a few occasions.

Torry Pines Golf Course
If you must push for a number one golf course in southern California, then perhaps Mountain Course at La Quinta. Located next to the Santa Rose peaks, it is a resort course that can make for a good vacation point. The mountain vistas link to the fairways, making accuracy very important. For what it is worth, the course has been said by some to be the best golf course in California not just the south. Strong acclaims, when competing with courses like Pebble beach.

So, southern California may well have some of the best courses you will find not only in California, but also anywhere. The courses described here are amongst the most notable in the region, and the Mountain Course is perhaps the best on offer.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Fantasy Golf

There are a number of fantasy golf games that you can register with online. These fantasy golf games are pretty similar in that you select a group of golfers with a fixed budget, and then when the golf season begins the golfers accumulate points in relation to their PGA Tour championship finishes. Each fantasy golf game then ranks the fantasy golf teams, and those with the highest point totals will be in the prize positions.

A good example of a fantasy golf game is that of the original golf fantasy league. At their website you can register and add a team for the 2012 golf season. Or alternatively, check out the PGA Tour fantasy golf game.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Golf Vacation Destinations: Pebble Beach

The 6th Green at Pebble Beach
The golf course of Pebble Beach was first opened in 1919, and today is one of the finest golf courses in the United States. As such, it has hosted a number of top golf championships including the US Open five times, with great players such as Nicklaus, Watson, Kite, and Woods all winning at Pebble Beach.

Overall, the golf course of Pebble Beach has a pretty unique setting. Located in southern California Pebble Beach plays alongside the Pacific Ocean. The course layout brings a good number of the holes out towards the rocky coastline, with holes such as the third, fourth, and fifth running along the coast. As such, coastal wind can always be a factor in a round at Pebble Beach.

The course includes a number of tricky holes. As such, naming a signature hole is not especially obvious at Pebble Beach. However, the 8th hole is considered to be one of the hardest on the course. Although the hole has a generously wide fairway, the ocean can become something of an unwelcome companion along the entire right side of the hole with the potential for balls to fall in the sea. The hole also includes a landing area elevated on a cliff above the green, which gives a good view of the small landing target.

Other notable holes of the golf course include the short, but much loved no 7. This hole plays out from an elevated tee where players strike towards the Pacific Ocean, which surrounds the green and hole generally. Distance can be deceptive on this hole, for missing the green can come at some cost.

The Pebble Beach course also had some minor changes to further enhance it for the 2010 U.S. Open. Essentially, changes have been made to the 3rd, 6th, 9th, 10th, and 12th holes by adding new bunkers to each fairway. Along with this, a couple of hundred yards were also added which has extended the course length to 7, 014 yards in total. Overall, the course modifications should make a great golf course all the better!