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Barbados Polo Vacation

For many people, life was not started in Barbados, but it was perfected there. You can experience fine living and choose the island as a vacation destination that will rival any festival, sports event, performing arts, or culinary shows as they are all offered in Barbados. Unforgettable experiences and exciting opportunities will make your vacation one of the best that you have ever taken.

One of the best ways to spend your time in Barbados is to take a Barbados Polo vacation Polo is widely played on the island. They have four fields, Lion Castle, Holders, Clifton, and Waterhall. These are places matches are regularly kept. Polo matches attract many international teams from around the world, as many teams are eager to compete against the Barbadians on their home turf.

Whether or not you are a polo player should not be a deterrent for you to visit the island for a polo vacation. The residents of Barbados, (Bajans), are sports-oriented and this is not shocking as they experience a tropical climate the year round. There are different variations of polo that have been played for many years and the Bajans have continued to play since then.

The beginnings of polo matches in Barbados go way back to the Garrison Savannah and ended at the Holder’s Polo Club. They host an annual battle-of-the-sexes match, which attracts a lot of spectators and supporters each year. This has added to the popularity of the sport. Tourists, locals, and visitors alike, look forward to spending their time watching and cheering at these matches when they take their Barbados vacations.

The game is well suited to the Barbadian lifestyle as it includes a lot of sun and horses, which forms a part of their everyday lives. It was formerly restricted to wealthy plantation owners, but was later made available to people in the lower echelons of society.

Polo has evolved on the island since then as many people now try to be a part of it and enjoy watching the game. Several times per year, visitors and teams from different countries all over the world challenge the Barbadian team when it is polo season. The season begins in January and ends in May of each year. There are currently two types of polo, field polo and arena polo. Both are very popular on the island.

Sports tourism has taken off because of this sport. As a result, even Prince Charles has been on the list of visitors to the island for their Polo games. Professional bodies and families like to partake in the activities that surround the game of polo when they visit Barbados.

Large crowds are drawn to matches and children delight in the festivities and activities. Who would have thought that the skilled riders who ride the horses on the field, trying to get a ball into a goal with a mallet, would attract so many supporters? But it continues to do so, even today.

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