Monday, September 28, 2009

Golf tips for Tee shots

The golf tee shot is the one that will likely cover most distance. For a par three, four or five hole it can make some difference. An ideal tee shot will go far and land on the fairway or green.

A suitable golf club for tee shots can be from a nine iron right to the longest clubs in the bag. This of course, relates to the holes' yardage and distance. However, it should be noted that shorter clubs can be more accurate. So consider using a slightly shorter club for the hole if there are trees, long rough etc.

Also consider a shorter tee shot, if it will be clear of the bunkers, rough etc. A longer tee shot that could fall in a bunker or rough may well do. You will need to aim away from such terrain.

For any hole, take note of the overall yardage. For this, a scorecard or even a course yardage book is good for reference. Yardage books can give more detailed guides, but at any rate the scorecard will list hole yardage from variable tees, and possibly some other details.

To tee up, there may be variable tee positions for the golf hole. To begin with, tee markers like red, yellow and white may be on the golf course. Red tees are the shortest distance tees and are most suitable for players who do not hit so far. White tees are longer markers, and are better for players that feel that a little more distance is suitable. You will likely do best with a red marker, but at any rate, tee up from a suitable tee marker.

Also worth noting is the tee position. You can tee off from the left or right side. Overall, if you tend to hit the ball more to the right then teeing from the left may be best. If the opposite, more leftward, then you can consider the right side. If one side of the hole seems better, then tee up from there.

The two types of tee are the wooden and plastic tees. These can be larger or smaller tees. Really, smaller tees are better for the more lofted clubs such as shorter irons, and then the longer tees are more suitable for less lofted clubs such as the woods. The longer clubs, the more tee is needed. While wooden tees are less durable than plastic tees, some favor them.

Overall, you will find that these tips could make some difference. So now it is time to tee off!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Golf Vacations

If you are interested in a golf vacation, then there are a few resort and courses that you may consider. Here are a few worth noting:

PGA Catalunya

Mediterranean golf vacation resorts can be popular. The Spanish PGA Catalunya is certainly a vacation resort that golfers should consider. The resort has two golf courses. The first is the Tour, which has broader fairways, and the Stadium course, which is more of a championship course.

Overall, the resort has additional amenities, and currently a 2-tee and 3 PGA package. The 2-tee package is shorter, while the 3 PGA is a longer package with three golf courses included.

Marbella Club Golf resort

Golf resorts of the Costa del Sol include the Marbella Club Golf & Spa Resort. This resort has an 18-hole course and a shorter 9-hole golf course. The 18-hole par 73 is on a 1000-acre estate. The resort also has various amenities.

Marbella has a 'Golf Unlimited' package. This includes green fees for both its longer and shorter golf courses as well as accommodation.

Pinehurst Country Club

This US golf resort includes some excellent courses. Championship calibre courses such as the par 72, Pinehurst Country Club's 2nd course is recommended. Other courses like the 7th also have some excellent holes and higher ratings.

Pebble Beach

Located on the Pacific coast-line of California the courses of Pebble Beach Resort make an excellent golf vacation. Pebble Beach is a great golf course, and includes some excellent holes like the 18th hole. Neighbouring Spy Glass Hill golf course is a sloped course, and has some good holes. Overall, two great golf courses for a vacation.

Parque Da Floresta resort

In the Western Algarve the resort of Parque Da Floresta is well placed, and includes a par 71 golf course layout amongst hilly terrain. In addition, it also includes other amenities such as spa and gym. Surrounding sandy beaches and villages are also nearby. Overall, with various packages and offers Parque Da Floresta is a good resort.

So overall, for golf vacations these are good resorts. They feature some great courses, packages, and amenities for golf vacations.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Recommended Golf Courses

Great golf courses, can be public venues or private. At any rate, there are some fine public courses as well as private for players to attempt. Here are a few golf courses, which are recommended:

Pebble Beach:

The golf course of Pebble Beach, in California, is well regarded. Located by the Pacific Ocean, this course has plenty to offer and some excellent holes. Consider the 18th golf hole, which curves around Monetary Bay. It has staged some big golfing events, and is a course of championship calibre. However, Pebble Beach is not strictly private, and the public can play it.

Bethpage State Golf Course:

Bethpage is a public golf course, which has also staged the US Open of 2002. As such, as one might gather, it has a higher course rating and is a tricky course to play at up to 7,000 yards. The golf course features some great holes, like the 13th-hole par 5.

Pinon Hills Golf Course:

Pinon Hills golf course, in New Mexico, is open to the public and is good value. With a more desert setting and good design; the golf course is considered a must-play.

The Links at Spanish Bay:

This golf course near to Pebble Beach is a Trent Jones course. Another exciting ocean course on the Monterey coast, it is a recommended golf course that some may consider playing on. Open to the public, it has some great holes such as the 14th which has well-placed bunkers.

The Ocean Course:

The Ocean Course is another resort golf course. This golf course is a coastal course, alongside the Atlantic. It is a links style golf course, with prevalent winds presenting a test. With some particularly good holes, such as the second, it is another recommended golf course.

So overall, these golf courses are open to play and are great courses. From Pebble Beach, to Bethpage, Pinon Hills, Spanish Bay and the Ocean Course are all recommended golf courses. Others like the Ocean Course can also be good vacation spots.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guide to the Iron clubs

The iron golf clubs make up much of a standard set of clubs. They can range from a two iron up to nine irons. Overall, the iron clubs can be suitable for either short play or long play.

The iron clubs are numbered with the higher number clubs having the most loft and least distance overall. Lower numbered iron clubs have progressively less loft and more distance. Generally, the shorter clubs can also be more accurate than longer irons.

To begin with the nine and eight iron golf clubs. These are the short irons, and as such have the least distance. They are more suitable for shorter fairway shots to the green. For tee shots, they are only really suitable for the shortest golf holes, with average distances ranging from 100 to 150 yards. These iron clubs are also better for longer grass, with their higher loft.

The seven and six iron golf clubs are more mid-distance clubs for perhaps one-hundred-twenty-five yards to one-hundred-seventy-five or possibly higher still. They are flexible iron clubs, and can be used for tee shots of up to and over hundred-fifty yards on par three golf holes. On par four and five golf holes, the clubs are good for the fairway. The clubs can also be used for chip shots and shorter play.

The longer iron clubs, from here are more like the five, four and three iron. These iron clubs can cover up to a possible two-hundred yards and are best for longer par three holes or possible par four. They are best for tee shots, and also longer fairway shots. Overall, they have little loft, and are not ideal for shorter play.

In relation to short play, the iron clubs can also be used for chip shots around the green. The shorter irons such as nine and eight, or even the wedges, will chip the ball with a little more loft and less roll on the green. Iron clubs such as the seven or even six will chip the ball with less loft and more roll on the green, up to perhaps fifty yards. So if further from the hole they are more suitable for chipping. Longer iron clubs do not really have enough loft for chipping.

So overall the iron clubs can be suitable for longer or shorter play on a golf hole, either off the tee, or around the green. With a variable selection of iron clubs, it is advised that at least the nine, seven and five irons be taken onto the golf course.

Saturday, September 05, 2009

Golf Books

Golf has a good range of books covering the sport. Here are some recommended titles:

1001 Golf Holes: Jeff Barr (£20)

This golf book by Jeff Barr, and with input from others, provides an excellent collection of some of golf's best holes. Listed in order of play, from hole 1 to hole 18, the collection is carefully selected and includes such classic holes as those featured at St Andrews, Augusta and Pebble Beach amongst others.

The book gives about a half, or up to a full page of coverage for each hole. The hole par, length, course and designer are all listed for the holes included. Overall, the book weighs in at up to 950 pages.

In addition, some background is given to the golf courses as well as their holes mentioned. Overall, you will find golf courses like Pebble Beach and Augusta have a few of their holes covered in the book. However, the book keeps the emphasis on the holes.

KISS Guide to Golf: Steve Duno (DK publication, $20)

The KISS Guide to Golf, by Steve Duno, is a general guide to the game. From the golf clubs, to all aspects of the game, including short and long game and course strategy.

The book has a foreword, and is supported by PGA tour player, Colin Montgomerie. So, one would assume provided expertise for a good deal of the book's content.

Aside from playing guide, the book provides additional extras such as golf vacation tips, and golf course suggestions and listings. In addition to this, additional listings for other golf books, golf magazines and golf schools are also included.

The book also includes some extras, such as golfing trivia. Then likewise, additional hints and tips and summaries.

Overall, at 400 pages in total, the book is a reasonably comprehensive guide for the sport. So it is recommended.

Aside from these two golf books there is a few other golf books, which might be considered. Golf books like The Physics of Golf, cover a scientific basis for the sport. Alternatively Ultimate golf techniques is another golf book worth considering.

So overall, these golf books are recommended. 1001 Golf Holes, is an excellent compilation of golf holes. And the KISS Guide to Golf is a good golfing guide. In addition, you may also want to consider such books as The Physics of Golf and Ultimate golf techniques, which are good books.