Sunday, March 30, 2014

Poppy Hill Golf Course Reopens

Among the most anticipated golf course reopenings of the year is scheduled for 4 April. Then the newly renovated Poppy Hill golf course, at Pebble Beach, will reopen. Trent Jones returned to the golf course to give it something of a revamp.  

The golf course's drainage has been notably enhanced. The architects added native waste areas to reduce about 25 acres of irrigated turf. In addition, a more modern irrigation system has also added greater efficiency.  

Whilst the golf course's par has dropped by a stroke, they have expanded its overall yardage from 6,863 to 7,002 yards. This is largely due to the addition of the new Jones Trail back set of tees. There are now five sets of golf tees on each of Poppy Hill's holes.   

The golf course now includes a new par-3 11th hole. That is a hole which includes a large bunker behind its green. Overall, it is the shortest hole on the golf course.

The 12th hole now plays downhill to open up 
previously unseen views of Monterey Bay.  
The architects also revamped Poppy Hill's bunkers. They moved and enlarged many of the bunkers on the golf course. Natural sandy waste areas have also been added to Poppy Hill.

Renovations aren't just limited to the golf course either. The Poppy Hill clubhouse has been renovated to include a new dining menu and expanded TVs. Its deck overlooking the ninth and 18th holes has also had some modifications.   

"It’s a renaissance more than a renovation. It’s really a brand new golf course. The new conceptions have reinvigorated the golf course. They will bring the course back to all its glory." - T Jones

For further details on the Poppy Hills golf course, check out this website. That includes photos and video flyovers of the holes. 

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