Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Top Five America's Longest Golf Holes

The USA has some fantastic golf courses, and some of the world's longest holes. Now you can find par-6 holes on America's golf courses which are becoming increasingly prevalent. These are the five longest golf holes in the United States.

Five: Black Mountain Club

Hole 17 at the Black Mountain Club is the fifth most expansive hole in the USA. The hole expands 747 yards which is the second longest in North Carolina. Much of the hole plays along a hill on the right side, and it also includes an elevated green above the fairway.

Four: Farmstead Golf Links

The finishing hole at Farmstead Golf Links, in Myrtle Beach, covers some 767 yards. It is a unique hole in which you can tee off in South Carolina, but putt in North Carolina! It is also the longest finishing hole in America.  

Three: The Links Golf Course

From the back tees, hole 9 at the Links  Golf Course is a 777 yard par 6. However, you can cut this down to size from the green tees which are just behind the hole's fairway, but still 500 yards from the green. Consequently, 277 yards separate the tee boxes ahead of the fairway.

Two: Spring Lake Golf Resort

The Spring Lake Golf Resort has Florida's longest golf hole. The par-6 sixth hole expands 800 yards across the Panther Creek golf course. From the longest tee you shoot across water, and a lake also lies along the left side of the green and latter half of the fairway. The hole also includes a couple of bunkers along the left of the fairway, and one on the right of the green.

Aside from this hole, the resort also has the world's largest green on its second golf course. The Cougar Trail's ninth hole has a green with an area of 47,000 sq feet. The Spring Lake Golf Resort website provides further details. 

One: Meadows Farm Golf Course

The longest hole in the USA is … drum roll... hole 12 on the Meadows Farm Golf Course! The hole is an 841 par 6 which includes a couple of lakes between its fairways, and trees along along the left side. Check out this previous blog post.

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