Sunday, March 30, 2014

Poppy Hill Golf Course Reopens

Among the most anticipated golf course reopenings of the year is scheduled for 4 April. Then the newly renovated Poppy Hill golf course, at Pebble Beach, will reopen. Trent Jones returned to the golf course to give it something of a revamp.  

The golf course's drainage has been notably enhanced. The architects added native waste areas to reduce about 25 acres of irrigated turf. In addition, a more modern irrigation system has also added greater efficiency.  

Whilst the golf course's par has dropped by a stroke, they have expanded its overall yardage from 6,863 to 7,002 yards. This is largely due to the addition of the new Jones Trail back set of tees. There are now five sets of golf tees on each of Poppy Hill's holes.   

The golf course now includes a new par-3 11th hole. That is a hole which includes a large bunker behind its green. Overall, it is the shortest hole on the golf course.

The 12th hole now plays downhill to open up 
previously unseen views of Monterey Bay.  
The architects also revamped Poppy Hill's bunkers. They moved and enlarged many of the bunkers on the golf course. Natural sandy waste areas have also been added to Poppy Hill.

Renovations aren't just limited to the golf course either. The Poppy Hill clubhouse has been renovated to include a new dining menu and expanded TVs. Its deck overlooking the ninth and 18th holes has also had some modifications.   

"It’s a renaissance more than a renovation. It’s really a brand new golf course. The new conceptions have reinvigorated the golf course. They will bring the course back to all its glory." - T Jones

For further details on the Poppy Hills golf course, check out this website. That includes photos and video flyovers of the holes. 

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Royal Dornoch Golf Course Video

The Royal Dornoch Championship golf course, in Scotland, is mesmerising. This is a coastal golf course, beside a pure white, sandy beach, that is ranked among the top U.K golf courses. Its 18 holes cover some 6,697 yards, and include raised domed greens. Check out this Royal Dornoch golf course video. 

Sunday, March 23, 2014

The RZN Golf Balls

The RZN is Nike's latest golf ball which is boasting a revolutionary design. The ball's Speedlock core, which harnesses more energy, is said to give it a notable advantage when it comes to ball spin and distance. One of Nike's directors said of the ball:

We knew we hadn’t pulled 100 percent of the energy that we could out of the initial RZN core, which we brought out in 2011 with the 20XI ball.” Ishii stated: “Working in partnership with DuPont, we were able to develop a softer, faster RZN material and create that interlocking-core design. It works like gears locking in place with each other."

The new ball series includes the RZN Platinum, Red, White and Black models. The RZN Platinum and Black balls are four-piece models, and the Red and White are three-piece alternatives that have Surlyn covers. Check out this video for further details on the revolutionary golf balls. Well, actually the video says very little about the golf ball!


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Highest Ranked Golf Courses in Continental Europe

Whilst the U.K. golf courses dominate the top golf courses in Europe rankings, there are still some notable European golfing destinations in other parts the continent. In 2011, Golf World Magazine compiled a ranking of the top 100 golf courses in continental Europe. In those rankings these are the courses that were included within the top five.

Five: Le Golf National

The Albatross golf course, in Paris, is the fifth in the rankings. This golf course is one that extends some 6,377 yards, and is a regular venue for the French Open championship. This hole includes a number of expansive lakes across it which come into play on a number of its holes. For example, the 18th, 16th and 15th is holes that play alongside a lake. The course has also been selected as a venue for the Ryder Cup.

Four: Royal Zoute Golf Club

This golf club is one that is located in Belgium. Of its courses, it's the Championship Course that is among the more highly rated in Europe. The Championship Course is a 6,172 yard golf course which has some undulating, but not exactly hilly, land and gnarly vegetation along its holes. Whilst its landscape, which is landlocked and a couple of km's from the English Channel, is perhaps not the most dramatic the course's land is ideally suited for golf.

Three: Royal Hague Golf & CC

The Royal Hague Golf Club, in Holland, has a course with substantial dunes along its holes. The dunes ensure a less than flat golf course with variable elevations. The course stretches approximately 5,709 yards, and has some notable rises and plunges over its holes. Overall, it has been effectively preserved, and the recent renovations to its 18 greens have further enhanced the course.

Two: Golf de Morfontaine

The second in Golf World Magazine's ranking is that of the France's Golf De Morfontaine. This one has an approximate yardage of 6,545 yards over its 18 holes. The course has plenty of hundred foot-high sylvestre pine trees along its holes. Whilst fairway bunkers are scarce, greenside bunkers are prevalent. Among its most notable holes is that of the 428 yard seventh hole which plays uphill, and then turns to the left with a downhill gradient to the green.

One: Les Bordes Golf Club

The number one ranked course is that of Les Bordes Golf Club, which is usually ranked among the top golf resort destinations in Europe. This exhilarating golf course layout stretches some 7,072 yards. It is set in a country estate, within the Sologne forest, and thus its holes are surrounded by oak and silver birch woods. As the course also includes a variety of lakes it has a number of water holes such as the fourth par-3 which has an island green.

These golf courses are World Golf Magazine's top five in mainland Europe. They are probably not among the most famous in the sport, but still have some great landscapes and layouts. For further details, check out this page which includes the full golf course rankings.

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Golf on the Box

In the springtime there are some much more exciting golf championships. The build up to the Masters begins with 'warm-up' championships. These are a few that are on the box.

Valspar Championship

Thursday, March 13: Golf Channel
Friday, March 14: Golf Channel
Saturday, March 15: Golf Channel NBC
Sunday, March 16: Golf Channel NBC

Toshiba Classic

Friday, March 14: Golf Channel
Saturday, March 15: Golf Channel
Sunday, March 16: Golf Channel

Trophée Hassan II

Thursday, March 13: Golf Channel 9
Friday, March 14: Golf Channel 9
Saturday, March 15: Golf Channel 2
Sunday, March 16: Golf Channel 1

Arnold Palmer Invitational  

Thu 20th March Day 1, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 4 HD
Fri 21st March Day 2, Sky Sports 4, Sky Sports 4 HD

Sunday, March 09, 2014

Seminole Golf Course Video

Seminole Golf Course is one that is usually ranked among the best in the USA by Golf Digest and Golf Magazine. This is a 6,940 yard golf course that includes plenty of water and an abundance of wildlife. Check out this Seminole Golf Course video.

Sunday, March 02, 2014

The Trump National Doral Blue Monster Golf Course Reopens

The Blue Monster golf course at the Trump National has now reopened! The course has had a rebuild, or redesign, and now this great golf course is back in business.

The redesign has increased the golf course's overall yardage. Now the golf course is 7,450 yards instead of the previous 7,125 yards.The expansion added an extra 100 yards to the first par-5 hole on the golf course.

However, the redesign hasn't just expanded the yardages. Hole eight and nine have been considerably revamped. For example, the par-3 ninth has been converted so that it plays entirely over water. The 16th hole now includes a peninsula green, and the architects have added water along the left side of the 15th hole's fairway.

So the Blue Monster isn't exactly the same golf course any more. The Red and Gold golf courses at the resort are to be reopened in the fall. Check out this page for some further details.