Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winter golf tips

When the autumn passes and winter begins, the golf season may be over but golf courses remain open. Whether you play in the winter or not is really a matter for preference. Certainly, it may be a little colder but then so long as it remains dry that may be fine.

As it may seem obvious, for winter golf you should consider more clothing. At least a good jumper will be required. However, try to avoid playing in coat for this is not ideal. Also, bring a suitable hat for the course. You may also consider another glove, or winter gloves.

Golf shoes are also good for the winter. They have a solid grip, and can also be waterproof if the golf course is wet. So, do consider these as well.

In addition to the extra clothing, a warm drink flask can also be good to have on the golf course. Consider taking hot cocoa, tea, or something along those lines.

At any rate, you have to draw a line at some point and if it is very cold then you should consider not playing golf. If it is icy, then reconsider playing a round. If it is snowing, the chances are that the golf course could be closed.

When on the golf course, you should consider using slightly longer clubs in the winter for more distance. For example, consider using slightly lower irons on the golf course like the five or six iron. Possibly even a four or five iron for longer distance shots. Equally, longer wood clubs such as the three wood for tee shots, will also be better.

Alternatively, if there are a few alternative tee markers around the tee box, then consider playing from a shorter distance tee marker in the winter. For example, the red tees can be more suitable and will reduce some playing distance further.

If the winter winds blow then that could send your ball beyond the fairways or greens. To better avoid the wind it is recommended that less lofted clubs be used on the golf course. Consider using longer iron clubs than usual for a tee shot, or alternatively fairway shots. For the shorter game, chip shots are better to use around the green than pitch shots in such conditions. With pitch shots, you can use less lofted wedges.

So overall, golf in the winter can be fine. Just consider these tips, and do not play if it is very cold.

Monday, August 23, 2010

The Best Golf Clubs for the Short Game

The golf short game is an essential part of golf. As such, there are a number of specifically designed clubs for the short game, as well as other shorter clubs that can be used for putting, chipping, and pitching around the green.

To begin with, obviously putting is the short game that usually requires most shots. Obviously, the putter is perhaps the most unique golf club designed specifically for putting. However, putters can be in various shapes and sizes, and it's difficult to say if there is best putter to use on or around the green. However, the toe-and-heel golf putter is the most traditional and is most dominant in the professional game. As such, these are perhaps good putters to consider for putting.

Aside from the putter, the sand wedge is another short club you will find have to take onto the golf course for bunker play. The sand wedge is a specifically designed club for splash and explosion shots out of green-side bunkers and onto the green. However, as will soon be noted the sand wedge can also be used for alternative short play.

It is chipping onto the green that has the most flexibility for golf club selection. Which are the best golf clubs for chipping? Well really, that depends on how far you want the chip shot to go. The seven iron is a fairly standard golf club for chipping, that will give small loft as well as a good amount of role for chips 20-30 yards off from the flag. The mid-irons are most suitable for longer distance chip shots, and then shorter irons such as the eight or nine are more appropriate for slightly shorter distance chips.

However, for short distance chipping such as out of the rough for example, then the wedges such as the sand wedge can be good clubs to use. The wedges provide a good amount of loft to get the ball out of the grass, and then the chips will not role that much when they land on the green. As such, for chips of less than 15 yards they can be suitable. It should be noted that if you are on the fairway not far off the flag perhaps consider using a putter, or the Texas Wedge, to putt towards the flag.

Chipping aside, pitching will require the shortest golf clubs overall. While pitching can cover slightly longer distances perhaps over 50 yards, they are very lofted and so require the more lofted golf clubs. As such, the more lofted golf clubs are the wedges which are also the shortest overall. Golf clubs such as the sand, pitching and lob wedges are most suitable for the pitch shot, with the lob wedge providing the most amount of loft. They can also be good clubs for playing out of longer grass, or the rough.

So really, the best golf clubs for the short game are the shortest clubs! This may seem obvious, and includes the putter along with wedges such as the sand, pitching or lob wedge for either pitching, chipping or bunker play. In addition, the short to mid iron clubs nine down to seven irons are also good for chipping. So, a good variety of wedges are best for short play as well as shorter iron clubs.

Monday, August 16, 2010

Recommended nine-hole golf courses

Nine-hole golf courses can be small wonders. They are becoming rarer, with the 18-hole golf courses the standard; however you can still find some nine-hole golf course gems. Here are a few great nine-holes worth considering for a round.

The Dunes golf course in New Buffalo is one that is worth considering and is ranked amongst the best nine-hole golf courses in the States. Such is the calibre of this course, it is compared with the likes of Pine Valley. This exclusive golf course, has a nine scenic and equally diverse golf holes. With a variety of tee positions to play from, the same holes can be played from different spots so the course is flexible. The greens of this course are smooth and slick, so be careful with putting. Overall, the course has a few great holes, with signature holes such as the eighth.

Aside from the Dunes golf course, Crow's Nest in England is another fine nine-hole golf course. Set in 70 acres of scenic parkland, the course stands 450ft above sea-level and is sheltered by trees allowing for play in most months. Like the Dunes course, it also has alternative tees for each of the nine-holes. Euro pro tour member Chris Hanson said of Crow Nest:

The best nine-hole golf course in England.

Northwood golf course is a redwood beauty with a Mackenzie challenge. Designed by course architect Mackenzie, this nine-hole golf course dates back to 1928 and today remains a scenic golf course open to the public. The course has undulating fairways and contour greens set in the redwoods of Northwood. When it comes to holes, the ninth is the signature hole for the course and the longest at 532 yards, with trees on either side of the fairway.

Birchwood country golf course is a also a top rated nine hole golf course. Located in a scenic setting, the course has tree-lined fairways which are well groomed. The greens are also silky smooth, with velvet grass. The course also includes some water and creeks that come into play on certain holes.

Overall, these nine-hole golf courses are recommended. Courses such Dunes golf course, Crow's Nest, Northwood golf course, and Birchwood are great nine-hole courses that can make for a fine short round.

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Monday, August 09, 2010

How to find your lost golf ball

You can lose your golf balls in a variety golf course pitfalls. Hedges are the most likely way to lose a ball, but then they can also land in the water, or end up in long grass where you may not be able to find the ball. However, golf balls can be found in most cases unless they have gone way out into the water or trees. So, no ball is ever lost until you reach for another golf ball.

The first thing is to make sure you that you are fairly clear where the golf ball may have landed. If you have a caddie, or a playing partner at least, then they can keep a good eye on the shots and where they land. If you are not sure, ask your playing partner where the golf ball may have landed. Most likely, he will then be able to assist with this.

Hereafter, you need to head towards the expected point of landing. When you reach this point it is important to note if anybody is behind you on the hole. This is because you may slow play down when searching for a seemingly lost golf ball. As such, invite any players right behind you on the same hole to play through.

When you have done this, then you can begin to search for the golf ball. Look around the area where you and your playing partner feel the golf ball landed. It should have landed somewhere within 10-20 yards of this spot. Do not start looking beyond the point you expect the golf ball landed, as it is most probably lost.

If your ball heads towards a water lake, you may be unsure if the ball actually landed in the lake or just escaped. Under such circumstances, if you feel that a golf ball could be lost but are not sure then consider taking a provisional shot. Do this and if you find the golf ball then the provisional shot will not count on your score.

Aside from this, it is important to note that you should not take too long searching for a golf ball. The R&A decree that searching for the golf ball should be about 5 minutes in duration. As such, if you do not find the ball after 5 minutes of searching then you may have to acknowledge that the ball is lost.

You also need to be clear of the sort of golf ball it is. Golf balls have a golf logo on them such as Callaway and Titleist, and so when you do find a ball you expect is your own you can identify the golf logo. Alternatively, you may want to add your initials to the ball with black pen just to make it extra clear that it is your golf ball and not another golfers.

So hopefully, you will not lose too many golf balls. Having a caddie at hand will help in finding lost golf balls, and remember that you should not spend too long searching for golf balls. If you do lose a ball then you will just have to re-take and add a penalty to your score. Always take a few golf balls out onto the course, as even the best players might still lose a ball.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The appeal of nine-hole golf courses

Today, 18-hole golf courses may be something of a standard for golf courses. Indeed, golf's great championships are played on such courses. As such, the nine-hole golf course has become somewhat overshadowed by its larger 18-hole counterpart. However, in the amateur game nine-hole golf courses are still good alternatives that can provide all the thrills and spills of 18-hole golf courses.

The first nine-hole golf courses date back to the 19th century. In Scotland, the nine-hole Cupar's Golf Club was founded in November of 1855. As such, it is considered the oldest nine-hole golf course in the sport's history. Today, the nine-hole golf course remains and has some of the best views in the whole of Fife. Admittedly, at 2608 yards it is not especially big even for a nine-hole course, but it still has some varied and exciting holes.

In America, the Chicago Golf Club was founded in 1892 by Blair Macdonald who was a great pioneer of golf in America. Mr Macdonald soon had a nine-hole golf course constructed as Downer's Grove Golf course. As such, aside from being the first nine-hole golf course in America, it was also America's first golf course west of the Allegheny mountain range. This course was then expanded to an 18-hole golf course in 1893.

So, golf in America has much to thank these nine-hole golf courses which helped establish the game in the US. However, they should not be considered just relics of the past. Today, there are many more nine-hole golf courses that golfers can and should play on. Some notable nine-hole golf courses include the likes of the Dunes Club in New Buffalo, a great but private course, Doral Arrow golf course, and Crow's Nest course which is regarded as one of the finest nine-hole courses.

Nine-hole golf courses like these are small wonders. They offer fantastic but affordable golf at a fraction of larger 18-hole course fees. Indeed, on average due to the fewer holes played nine-hole courses are a budget alternative to larger 18-hole golf courses.

Another advantage of nine-hole golf courses is indeed that they are shorter. As such, for casual golfers looking for a quick, or at least a quicker, round nine-hole golf courses can be much more suitable. Nine-holes will likely take half the time of an alternative 18-hole golf course. Golfers new to the sport may also prefer to start playing on the nine-hole courses, before stepping up onto larger ones.

Overall, architecturally the nine-hole golf courses are pretty much the same as 18-hole courses. Quite a few can be more authentic older golf courses such as Granada golf course in Coral Cables, which dates back to 1925. So, courses such as these may retain older layouts. Generally, you can expect that nine-hole golf courses will have quite a few par 3 holes, and fewer par 5s.

So really, nine-hole golf courses retain all the fun of the game. They are shorter, and some are older, golf courses but can be equally challenging as 18-hole courses and there are some great nine-hole golf courses to play on.

Monday, August 02, 2010

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