Thursday, April 25, 2013

Great Wall of China Golf Hole

An exciting fantasy golf course is to be constructed at the Mission Hills Hainan Island Resort. The golf course will include a 400-yard tee-to-green reproduction of the Great Wall, as well as a jungle themed hole, volcano themed par-3, noodle bowl hole and par-5 that weaves through the Mayan ruins. The course architect said:

Unlike mini-golf on artificial grass, the fantasy course is played at full-scale with standard equipment on real turf. Other regulation courses frame holes with trees, bunkers and lakes; this course will incorporate many unique visuals while still requiring players to execute full shots and hole putts.

So, this could be a great golf course! Check out this article for further details. This is a video of the Great Wall hole that could be among the more exciting on the golf course:

Sunday, April 21, 2013

The El Cardonal Golf Course

You've probably never heard of the El Cardonal golf course, as it hasn't been built yet! But when it is it will be the first Woods, and TWD, golf course. Woods has teamed up with Diamante to construct this golf course.

The El Cardonal golf course is one located in Mexico. Once constructed it will be an 18-hole championship course. The expected yardage of the golf course, which is located within a 20 acre resort, is something like 7,300 yards. "While the Dunes course is reminiscent of a classic Scottish links course, this course is going to remind people of the old-style California courses." - Woods

TWD will merge the golf course with the surrounding Diamante rolling hills. It's not expected to be comparable to the Diamante Dunes course in Cabo San Lucas. Construction of the course has begun in earnest.

In addition to that one, other TWD courses include the The Cliffs at High Carolina. This is expected to be the first TWD golf course in North America. If complete that course will be located at the Blue Ridge Mountains, California, with an altitude of some 4,000 feet.

The Punta Brava is another TWD golf course in construction. That's also a golf course that will be in Mexico,  and will be located alongside the Pacific Ocean. As such, it will be a 6,835 yard coastal course, possibly comparable to Cypress Point etc.

Those make up a triumvirate of TWD golf courses under construction. They could be the first of many TWD golf courses. For further details check out this page.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Great Golf Courses in Western America

Golf courses in the wild west of the USA are among the top ranked golf courses in the sport. The western States, such as California and Arizona, have a number of great courses with a diversity of terrain. The golf courses of western America can include green forests, deserts and Pacific coastlines.  

Pebble Beach Links

Pebble Beach Links is in California, and perhaps the most famous of the Pebble Beach resort courses. The course extends some 7,040 yards across the coastline of Monterey Bay. It's most famous for its scenic coastal landscapes, as a number of its holes play alongside the Pacific coastline.

The seventh, eighth, fifth, fourth, sixth, 17th and 18th hole are all located adjacent to the coast, whilst other holes are further inland. Among the most famous of the holes are the seventh and 18th hole. The seventh is located on the right side of Stillwater Cove, a short par-3 hole of little more than 100 yards that has a green surrounded by Pacific coastline, and plenty of bunkers. The 18th is one of golf's great finishing holes. It's a 500 yard + par-5 hole that is dominated by the Pacific Ocean on the left side. On the right there's plenty of grass, plus a few fairway bunkers and Cypress trees.

Pebble Beach Links is a PGA championship course that has been the venue for some of the majors. Five U.S. Opens have been played at the course, as well as the PGA Championship. It's ranked among the top 10 in the USA.

Cypress Point

Cypress Point is another of California's gems which is also located along the Monterey coastline. The golf course is approximately 6,524 yards, and like Pebble Beach has some exciting coastal holes. This is one that meanders through coastal dunes, combining the rocky coastline with the Del Monte forest.

The most famous hole at this golf course is probably the 16th. That's a 200 + yard par-3 hole that plays over the Pacific Ocean that separates the tee from green. The par-4 17 also has an exquisite coastal location.

Troon North Monument Course

The Troon North is a long way from the coast drenched courses at Monterey. This is a 7,070 yard golf course located at the Sonoran Desert in Arizona. Cactus plants, rocky outcrops and surrounding sand dominate this golf course's landscape. There's not much water on this one, except at the 16th & 17th holes that have a couple of small lakes. For many it's the finest golf course in Arizona, and a hallmark for desert course architecture.

The Stadium Course

The Stadium Course in Scottsdale, Arizona is another of the most exciting golf courses in the wild west. This is where the PGA Tour plays in Arizona. The golf course can stretch some 7,216 yards from the championship tees, but from shorter tees that can be reduced to less than 6,000. The course is famous for the 16th Coliseum golf hole. That's a par-3 hole which is surrounded by stands for thousands of fans during the Phoenix Open.

The Coliseum golf hole during a championship.
The Lake Course

Another great golf course in California is that of the Lake Course that is located close to Lake Merced. That's a course that expands some 7,170 yards. The Lake Course doesn't have any lakes, but plenty of trees that surround its holes. It has hosted five U.S. Opens to date, and has been ranked some way up Golf Digest's course rankings.

Those are a few of the wild west's great golf courses. From the shorelines of the West Coast to the barren deserts of Arizona and New Mexico, you can have some great rounds of golf!

Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Great Golf Courses Beyond the United States and Europe

Most of the golf courses are in the United States or Europe. However, there are still some great courses in other destinations such as the Caribbean, Canada, etc. These are a few of the great courses beyond the States and Europe.  

Banff Springs  

Banff Springs golf course, in Canada, is one that has a great setting. The course is located along the Canadian Rockies which provide an illustrious mountain setting. From the black tees the course extends some 7,074 yards, but that can be less than 6,000 yards from other tees. As the course is located at the Banff National Park it has a diversity of wildlife.

This golf course is one that has a variety of world-class holes, surrounded by coniferous woodland, such as the fourth hole. That hole is a 192 yard par-3 that is located beside a glacial lake, and nestled at the foot of a mountain. The hole is ranked as one of the most exciting golf holes.

Cape Kidnappers  

The Cape Kidnappers golf course is among Golf Digest's top ranked golf courses. This a New Zealand golf course located alongside the towering cliffs of the Cape. It's a coastal golf course that plays alongside the shoreline of Hawkes Bay. This is a par-71 golf course that stretches some 7,119 yards.

Casa de Campo Teeth of Dog

The Casa de Campo Teeth of Dog course, in the Dominican Republic, is among the top ranked golf courses in the Caribbean. Golf Magazine ranked it 43rd within its top 100 golf courses. This is an exhilarating coastal course set alongside Dominican's coral coastline. Several of its holes play alongside the coast, and the golf course expands some 6,989 yards.

Mid Ocean Club

The Mid Ocean Club course is an exotic Bermuda golf course located beside the Atlantic Ocean. The course is approximately 6,548 yards, and a number of the holes are located along the coastline. Others, such as the fifth, play alongside lakes such as Mangrove Lake. That hole is a 433 yard par-4 that swings around the lake, with a bridge crossing connecting the tee with fairway. Golf Digest ranks the Mid Ocean Club among the top 50 courses beyond the United States.  

These are golf courses that have some great landscapes and thrilling holes. They are ranked among the top golf courses in the sport. The golf courses are great destinations for golf vacations in New Zealand, the Caribbean and Canada.