Sunday, May 25, 2014

Golf Courses That Have Plenty of Water

Whilst golf courses are predominately grass, they also include sand and water. The water is included on golf courses either with man-made lakes, or surrounding coastline. Golf courses that are located beside the sea do not always require the addition of lakes to add water. These are a few notable golf courses that have a variety of water holes.

Pebble Beach Links

Pebble Beach Links is a great championship golf course that is located on the coast of Monterey Bay, in California. After the first three holes at this golf course, the next four play around the coast of Stillwater Cover. The seventh hole is one of the more famous on the course, a short par 3 little more than 100 yards that has a green located beside the Pacific.

The latter nine also include some coastal holes. The 17th and 18th finishing hole are perhaps the most famous. The 18th hole is a par-5 hole that extends some 543 yards. The Pacific Ocean runs along the left side of the hole, up the green.

Pebble Beach Links golf course extends some 6,828 yards. Overall, half of the golf course's holes are located along the Pacific coastline. As such, even without any lakes water is still prevalent at Pebble Beach Links.

The Players Stadium Course

The Players Stadium Course is the Players Championship golf course. This is a golf course located in acres of Florida swampland. Whilst not a coastal course, a variety of lakes have been added to its holes.

Perhaps the most famous hole at this golf course is that of the 17th Island Green. That's a short par 3 that expands some 137 yards. The green is located in the middle of a lake, and is surrounded by water. Thousands of balls drop not on the green, but in the lake that surrounds it.

The 18th hole is another that has plenty of water. That's a 462 yard hole located beside a lake. The lake dominates the left side of the hole up to the green.

Cypress Point

Another great coastal golf course in Monterey is that of Cypress Point. Whilst the golf course doesn't have a comparable number of coastal holes as Pebble Beach, it still has some great water holes. The 15th, 16th and 17th are a majestic triumvirate of coastal holes.

The 16th hole is a par 3 that expands 231 yards. On that hole an ocean enclave separates the tee from the green. With up to six greenside bunkers included, the green is also surrounded by sand.

Aside from those the golf course doesn't include that many more coastal holes. The majority are more inland, and without any additional lakes don't have any water added. However, it's still a great coastal course.

Pelican Lakes Golf Course

Pelican Lakes, in Colorado, is an 18-hole championship golf course which expands 7,264 yards. However, with five expansive lakes, that expand hundreds of acres, the golf course has lots of water across its 18 holes. A lake runs alongside the left of the first and second holes. The 542 yard 11th hole is another located beside a lake that dominates one side of its fairway. The 17th hole is also surrounded by plenty of water.

With their coastlines and lakes they are golf courses which have considerable shorelines. As such, they have plenty of water holes. You won't find many other golf courses with a greater range of water holes.

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