Sunday, April 27, 2014

Titleist's NXT Tour, NXT Tour S, DT Solo and Velocity Golf Balls

The latest Titleist golf balls are the NXT Tour, Velocity, DT Solo and NXT Tour S. They are golf balls that have new core, cover and aerodynamic technologies. The Titleist vice president of R&D stated:  

We’re constantly in the field talking with golfers, capturing their launch conditions on all types of shots, and observing how different golf balls perform for their game. All of this information feeds the product development process and allows us to focus our design efforts and ultimately, our prototype testing in ways that will enhance performance for these golfers.

The NXT Tour and NXT Tour S balls have been re-engineered with softer compression cores. The DT Solo also has a soft compression core, ionomer cover blend and is available with optic yellow and white colors. The Velocity has been redesigned with a reformulated, proprietary LSX core which gives better distance; and it also has a shallower angle of descent for more roll.  

Below is a video for the Velocity golf ball. For further details, check out this page.

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