Sunday, November 25, 2012

Siminole Lake Country Club

The Siminole Lake Country Club, located at Juno Beach, is Golf Digest's top ranked golf course in Florida. It's ranked higher than the famed TPC Sawgrass Players Stadium course. This is a 6,500 yard golf course with an abundance of wildlife. Check out this tour of one of Florida's hottest golf courses.

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Great US Golf Courses

There are some great golf courses in America, either private or public venues. Generally, they are regarded as some of the best golf courses you will find. So, here are a few of some of America's finest golf courses.


The Augusta golf course hosts the Masters golf championship each golf season. So undoubtedly, the Augusta course is a very hard championship golf course with some particularly notable holes. Hole twelve is one of the most notable holes on the course, known as Rae's Creek, where the creek passes by in front of the green and includes Ben Hogan's bridge crossing. Augusta is a scenic golf course with slick and fast greens. However, few actually play on this fine course largely reserved for the Masters golf championship.

Pebble Beach Golf Links

Pebble Beach, in California, is a golf course that plays alongside the Pacific Ocean. It is a par 72 golf course, approximately 6,828 yards overall. While Pebble Beach is a championship calibre golf course that has hosted US Opens, it is also open to public play. Many of the course's holes run along the Monetary coast line, with views of the ocean, and are susceptible to prevailing winds. Signature holes on the golf course include the seventh and eight holes. The eighth 416 yard par 4 hole includes an elevated landing area on a cliff above the green. While the 7th hole is the shortest on the course, at a little over 100 yards, the hole has a cliff-side green.

Pine Valley 

The golf course of Pine Valley is regarded as one of America's best courses. Overall, the course is a par 70 at 7,000 yards in length. Set in hundreds of acres of virgin woodland, the course is also one the trickiest. It is a golf course which has a fine collection of par 3 and par 5 golf holes, and a particularly notable 18th hole.

Cypress Point

Cypress Point's golf course is another fine course located at Pebble Beach, California. Like Pebble Beach links, it has some holes along the Pacific coast such as the 231 yard 16th hole which plays over the ocean. The first nine holes of the course run through the Del Monte forest, while the latter holes run out along the rocky Pacific coastline. Overall, it is regarded as one of America's best courses.


Oakmont is one of the more historic golf courses. Overall, it dates back to 1903 and has hosted a number of Major championships, including eight US Opens and three PGA Championships. It's a tricky golf course, with hard and slick greens, narrow fairways and a variety of deep bunkers. Notable holes include the third, which has church pew bunkers on the left and deep bunkers on the right side of the fairway, and the 1st long par 4 hole.

These are four great American golf courses. The Augusta and Pebble Beach courses are two fine courses that have hosted major championships, while Pine Valley and Cypress Point have some of the best finishing holes.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Chipping Over Bunkers

If you're behind a greenside bunker pitching isn't always essential. In actual fact chipping over bunkers can be a more effective alternative. I myself have chipped over bunkers, but you can't be too far away from the green.

To chip over a bunker you should be very close to the greenside bunker. The closer you are the closer you'll be to green, and thus the ball will more likely make it over the bunker and land on the green. If you're more than 10 yards behind the bunker then it's best not to chip over.

In addition to this, the greenside bunker itself has to be a small one. A small greenside bunker should leave only a few yards for your chip to clear, preferably between five or ten yards. The bunker should also be a shallow one.

You'll also need to select a suitable club for the chip. The wedges are the most suitable clubs for the the bunker chip, because they have the most loft to provide the carry over the bunker. The sand and loft wedge could be the most suitable if you require minimal roll on the green. If more roll is needed a pitching wedge could be more effective. But the most essential thing is that the ball makes the green.

The advantage of greenside chips are that they can be more accurate. But then of course, if they don't make it over the bunker the sand wedge will be required. Check out the YouTube video for further details.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Golf Courses in Arizona

Arizona is not just deserts, canyons, and mountains. In fact, Arizona is also a great destination in the US to play golf. Some of America's best nationally recognized golf courses can be found in Arizona. These are a few of the more notable nationally recognized golf courses which have been highly ranked by golfing magazines.

Troon North Golf Club

The New Pinnacle course at Troon North Golf Club is one that has now established itself as the best golf course in Arizona. This is desert golf at its finest, with a golf course littered with cactus plants alongside the natural ravines and foothills of the Sonaran desert. New Pinnacle's sister golf course Troon North Monument is also a highly rated golf course in Arizona.

The Stadium Course

The Stadium Course at the TPC Scottsdale is perhaps one of the most famous golf courses in Arizona. The Stadium Course is a championship calibre course, and venue of the PGA Tour, that hosts the FBR Open which is one of the oldest golf championships. This golf championship has some great turn-outs, and many of the games great players have played in it at the Stadium Course. This course also has some famous holes, such as the 16th Coliseum hole, which is a closed in hole surrounded by spectators.   On this hole Woods hit a famous hole-in-one early in his pro golfing career.

Arizona National Golf Club

Arizona National Golf Club has perhaps the best golf course in Tucson, and one of the best in Arizona. This Trent Jones designed desert course is set in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains and has some great scenery along its 6,735 yards. As such, it has been rated as one of the top 100 golf courses in the USA.

Wee-Ko-Pa Golf Club

Wee-Ko-Pa has two great nationally recognized golf courses. These are the Cholla and Suagaro golf courses set in unspoiled Sonaran desert. These are two golf courses which have plenty of yardage, with holes up to and eclipsing 600 yards in distance. Both are considered to be among the best public golf courses in Arizona, and also the USA.

Grayhawks Golf Club

The Grayhawks Golf Club includes the two nationally recognized golf courses of Talon and Raptor. Both golf courses have become established as PGA Tour venues, having hosted championships such as Frys.Com Open, Williams World Challenge, and Accenture Match Play Championship.  They are two championship golf courses that have great views of the McDowell Mountains and the distant Phoenix skyline. As such, the courses are also rated among the best daily-fee courses in Arizona.

These are a few of the nationally recognized golf courses in Arizona. They are top-class venues for golf set among the deserts and mountains of Arizona, and some are also public courses, as well as venues for the PGA Tour.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Golf Forums

There are a variety of golf forums on which you can post. On golf forums you can post to topics on the forum, or even begin your own golf topics. Usually you have to register on the forum before you can begin posting.  Most are included on golf websites, and these are a few golf forums to note.

Golf Monthly
ShotTalk Golf Community
Golf WRX
Golf Magic 

Those are just a few of the forums that you can check out. Input the keyword 'golf forums' for more.

Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Brief Guide to the Wedges

The wedges are a group of iron clubs which have the highest lofts. They are fairly essential golf clubs to have in your bag, so you'll need to bring at least one of them out on to the course with you. Overall, there are four primary wedge clubs which are ideal for short play.

The Sand Wedge 

The sand wedge is the wedge for playing out of bunkers. It's the best club green side bunkers at least, although in fairway bunkers club selection can be more variable. This wedge has plenty of loft, and in that respect is only eclipsed by the lob wedge. For shorter distance pitching and chipping out of longer grass this can also be a very effective club.

The Lob Wedge

This wedge has more loft than any alternative club in your bag. As such, with this club you can get the ball over almost anything on the course with a precise pitch. The club has a short carry distance, suitable for anything within about 50 yards of the flag. Don't select this club if you're further than 50 yards or so.

The Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is the wedge with the least loft. As such, this makes it ideal if you're too far off the green for a chip, but too close for a 9-iron. To be more specific 50-100 yards from the flag. It can also be an alternative club for green side bunkers.

The Gap Wedge

The gap wedge is one of the newer wedges which provides an additional wedge for club selection. Not the most essential wedge in the bag perhaps with more loft than the pitching wedge, but less than a sand wedge. Its average distance is also less than the pitch wedge, but more than a standard sand wedge. As such, the gap wedge fills the void between those wedges.

Any of these clubs are suitable for pitching and shorter distance chipping from around the green. Make sure that you have a few in your bag when on the golf course.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Cape Kidnappers Golf Course

Cape Kidnappers is a golf course located in New Zealand's Hawke's Bay on the east coast which extends some  7,119 yards. It's another golf course that has some fantastic coastal landscapes, and  is ranked among the best golf courses beyond the States. Check out this Cape Kidnapper video for a great overview of this course.