Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Winter golf tips

When the autumn passes and winter begins, the golf season may be over but golf courses remain open. Whether you play in the winter or not is really a matter for preference. Certainly, it may be a little colder but then so long as it remains dry that may be fine.

As it may seem obvious, for winter golf you should consider more clothing. At least a good jumper will be required. However, try to avoid playing in coat for this is not ideal. Also, bring a suitable hat for the course. You may also consider another glove, or winter gloves.

Golf shoes are also good for the winter. They have a solid grip, and can also be waterproof if the golf course is wet. So, do consider these as well.

In addition to the extra clothing, a warm drink flask can also be good to have on the golf course. Consider taking hot cocoa, tea, or something along those lines.

At any rate, you have to draw a line at some point and if it is very cold then you should consider not playing golf. If it is icy, then reconsider playing a round. If it is snowing, the chances are that the golf course could be closed.

When on the golf course, you should consider using slightly longer clubs in the winter for more distance. For example, consider using slightly lower irons on the golf course like the five or six iron. Possibly even a four or five iron for longer distance shots. Equally, longer wood clubs such as the three wood for tee shots, will also be better.

Alternatively, if there are a few alternative tee markers around the tee box, then consider playing from a shorter distance tee marker in the winter. For example, the red tees can be more suitable and will reduce some playing distance further.

If the winter winds blow then that could send your ball beyond the fairways or greens. To better avoid the wind it is recommended that less lofted clubs be used on the golf course. Consider using longer iron clubs than usual for a tee shot, or alternatively fairway shots. For the shorter game, chip shots are better to use around the green than pitch shots in such conditions. With pitch shots, you can use less lofted wedges.

So overall, golf in the winter can be fine. Just consider these tips, and do not play if it is very cold.

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