Monday, August 23, 2010

The Best Golf Clubs for the Short Game

The golf short game is an essential part of golf. As such, there are a number of specifically designed clubs for the short game, as well as other shorter clubs that can be used for putting, chipping, and pitching around the green.

To begin with, obviously putting is the short game that usually requires most shots. Obviously, the putter is perhaps the most unique golf club designed specifically for putting. However, putters can be in various shapes and sizes, and it's difficult to say if there is best putter to use on or around the green. However, the toe-and-heel golf putter is the most traditional and is most dominant in the professional game. As such, these are perhaps good putters to consider for putting.

Aside from the putter, the sand wedge is another short club you will find have to take onto the golf course for bunker play. The sand wedge is a specifically designed club for splash and explosion shots out of green-side bunkers and onto the green. However, as will soon be noted the sand wedge can also be used for alternative short play.

It is chipping onto the green that has the most flexibility for golf club selection. Which are the best golf clubs for chipping? Well really, that depends on how far you want the chip shot to go. The seven iron is a fairly standard golf club for chipping, that will give small loft as well as a good amount of role for chips 20-30 yards off from the flag. The mid-irons are most suitable for longer distance chip shots, and then shorter irons such as the eight or nine are more appropriate for slightly shorter distance chips.

However, for short distance chipping such as out of the rough for example, then the wedges such as the sand wedge can be good clubs to use. The wedges provide a good amount of loft to get the ball out of the grass, and then the chips will not role that much when they land on the green. As such, for chips of less than 15 yards they can be suitable. It should be noted that if you are on the fairway not far off the flag perhaps consider using a putter, or the Texas Wedge, to putt towards the flag.

Chipping aside, pitching will require the shortest golf clubs overall. While pitching can cover slightly longer distances perhaps over 50 yards, they are very lofted and so require the more lofted golf clubs. As such, the more lofted golf clubs are the wedges which are also the shortest overall. Golf clubs such as the sand, pitching and lob wedges are most suitable for the pitch shot, with the lob wedge providing the most amount of loft. They can also be good clubs for playing out of longer grass, or the rough.

So really, the best golf clubs for the short game are the shortest clubs! This may seem obvious, and includes the putter along with wedges such as the sand, pitching or lob wedge for either pitching, chipping or bunker play. In addition, the short to mid iron clubs nine down to seven irons are also good for chipping. So, a good variety of wedges are best for short play as well as shorter iron clubs.


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