Monday, August 16, 2010

Recommended nine-hole golf courses

Nine-hole golf courses can be small wonders. They are becoming rarer, with the 18-hole golf courses the standard; however you can still find some nine-hole golf course gems. Here are a few great nine-holes worth considering for a round.

The Dunes golf course in New Buffalo is one that is worth considering and is ranked amongst the best nine-hole golf courses in the States. Such is the calibre of this course, it is compared with the likes of Pine Valley. This exclusive golf course, has a nine scenic and equally diverse golf holes. With a variety of tee positions to play from, the same holes can be played from different spots so the course is flexible. The greens of this course are smooth and slick, so be careful with putting. Overall, the course has a few great holes, with signature holes such as the eighth.

Aside from the Dunes golf course, Crow's Nest in England is another fine nine-hole golf course. Set in 70 acres of scenic parkland, the course stands 450ft above sea-level and is sheltered by trees allowing for play in most months. Like the Dunes course, it also has alternative tees for each of the nine-holes. Euro pro tour member Chris Hanson said of Crow Nest:

The best nine-hole golf course in England.

Northwood golf course is a redwood beauty with a Mackenzie challenge. Designed by course architect Mackenzie, this nine-hole golf course dates back to 1928 and today remains a scenic golf course open to the public. The course has undulating fairways and contour greens set in the redwoods of Northwood. When it comes to holes, the ninth is the signature hole for the course and the longest at 532 yards, with trees on either side of the fairway.

Birchwood country golf course is a also a top rated nine hole golf course. Located in a scenic setting, the course has tree-lined fairways which are well groomed. The greens are also silky smooth, with velvet grass. The course also includes some water and creeks that come into play on certain holes.

Overall, these nine-hole golf courses are recommended. Courses such Dunes golf course, Crow's Nest, Northwood golf course, and Birchwood are great nine-hole courses that can make for a fine short round.

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