Wednesday, August 04, 2010

The appeal of nine-hole golf courses

Today, 18-hole golf courses may be something of a standard for golf courses. Indeed, golf's great championships are played on such courses. As such, the nine-hole golf course has become somewhat overshadowed by its larger 18-hole counterpart. However, in the amateur game nine-hole golf courses are still good alternatives that can provide all the thrills and spills of 18-hole golf courses.

The first nine-hole golf courses date back to the 19th century. In Scotland, the nine-hole Cupar's Golf Club was founded in November of 1855. As such, it is considered the oldest nine-hole golf course in the sport's history. Today, the nine-hole golf course remains and has some of the best views in the whole of Fife. Admittedly, at 2608 yards it is not especially big even for a nine-hole course, but it still has some varied and exciting holes.

In America, the Chicago Golf Club was founded in 1892 by Blair Macdonald who was a great pioneer of golf in America. Mr Macdonald soon had a nine-hole golf course constructed as Downer's Grove Golf course. As such, aside from being the first nine-hole golf course in America, it was also America's first golf course west of the Allegheny mountain range. This course was then expanded to an 18-hole golf course in 1893.

So, golf in America has much to thank these nine-hole golf courses which helped establish the game in the US. However, they should not be considered just relics of the past. Today, there are many more nine-hole golf courses that golfers can and should play on. Some notable nine-hole golf courses include the likes of the Dunes Club in New Buffalo, a great but private course, Doral Arrow golf course, and Crow's Nest course which is regarded as one of the finest nine-hole courses.

Nine-hole golf courses like these are small wonders. They offer fantastic but affordable golf at a fraction of larger 18-hole course fees. Indeed, on average due to the fewer holes played nine-hole courses are a budget alternative to larger 18-hole golf courses.

Another advantage of nine-hole golf courses is indeed that they are shorter. As such, for casual golfers looking for a quick, or at least a quicker, round nine-hole golf courses can be much more suitable. Nine-holes will likely take half the time of an alternative 18-hole golf course. Golfers new to the sport may also prefer to start playing on the nine-hole courses, before stepping up onto larger ones.

Overall, architecturally the nine-hole golf courses are pretty much the same as 18-hole courses. Quite a few can be more authentic older golf courses such as Granada golf course in Coral Cables, which dates back to 1925. So, courses such as these may retain older layouts. Generally, you can expect that nine-hole golf courses will have quite a few par 3 holes, and fewer par 5s.

So really, nine-hole golf courses retain all the fun of the game. They are shorter, and some are older, golf courses but can be equally challenging as 18-hole courses and there are some great nine-hole golf courses to play on.

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