Monday, August 09, 2010

How to find your lost golf ball

You can lose your golf balls in a variety golf course pitfalls. Hedges are the most likely way to lose a ball, but then they can also land in the water, or end up in long grass where you may not be able to find the ball. However, golf balls can be found in most cases unless they have gone way out into the water or trees. So, no ball is ever lost until you reach for another golf ball.

The first thing is to make sure you that you are fairly clear where the golf ball may have landed. If you have a caddie, or a playing partner at least, then they can keep a good eye on the shots and where they land. If you are not sure, ask your playing partner where the golf ball may have landed. Most likely, he will then be able to assist with this.

Hereafter, you need to head towards the expected point of landing. When you reach this point it is important to note if anybody is behind you on the hole. This is because you may slow play down when searching for a seemingly lost golf ball. As such, invite any players right behind you on the same hole to play through.

When you have done this, then you can begin to search for the golf ball. Look around the area where you and your playing partner feel the golf ball landed. It should have landed somewhere within 10-20 yards of this spot. Do not start looking beyond the point you expect the golf ball landed, as it is most probably lost.

If your ball heads towards a water lake, you may be unsure if the ball actually landed in the lake or just escaped. Under such circumstances, if you feel that a golf ball could be lost but are not sure then consider taking a provisional shot. Do this and if you find the golf ball then the provisional shot will not count on your score.

Aside from this, it is important to note that you should not take too long searching for a golf ball. The R&A decree that searching for the golf ball should be about 5 minutes in duration. As such, if you do not find the ball after 5 minutes of searching then you may have to acknowledge that the ball is lost.

You also need to be clear of the sort of golf ball it is. Golf balls have a golf logo on them such as Callaway and Titleist, and so when you do find a ball you expect is your own you can identify the golf logo. Alternatively, you may want to add your initials to the ball with black pen just to make it extra clear that it is your golf ball and not another golfers.

So hopefully, you will not lose too many golf balls. Having a caddie at hand will help in finding lost golf balls, and remember that you should not spend too long searching for golf balls. If you do lose a ball then you will just have to re-take and add a penalty to your score. Always take a few golf balls out onto the course, as even the best players might still lose a ball.

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