Thursday, September 09, 2010

Golf tips for Par 3 holes

Par 3 golf holes are the smallest golf holes on the golf course. Their distance ranges from a typical distance of 100-200 yards though some may be a little longer still. Here are a few tips for playing these holes.

Typically, club selection is the first consideration. Overall, playing par three holes requires more careful club selection in relation to distance. Either too long or short could leave you in rough grass, or sand bunkers. On these holes, usually iron clubs are appropriate. For a longer par 3 hole perhaps a 4 or 5 iron, and then on shorter par 3 holes an 8 or 9 iron will likely be appropriate. Be careful not to over-hit on shorter holes.

Tee off from an appropriate spot off the tee box. Remember that you can tee up either left or right. Tee up on a side of the box that is seemingly best placed for a shot towards the flag. This could be the left, right or center. If there are more bunkers on the right of the green, then perhaps consider teeing up from the left side of the box.

On par 3 holes, you can likely reach the green from the tee. Aim for the flag, or alternatively if there is some fairway included on the hole then you might aim just short of the green and be on the fairway.

If you do indeed land on the green then you can reach for the putter. However, if not then you will need to reach for a shorter club for a chip shot or pitch onto the green. Shorter iron clubs such as the eight or nine iron will be best for chipping while the wedges are best for pitching. If possible, avoid pitching and chip onto the green as the chip shot is more accurate. Alternatively, you may even be able to putt onto the green if you are close to it and on shorter grass.

If the ball lands in green-side bunker, then you will need the sand wedge. For a bunker shot, you will need to make sure that you do not touch the sand with club before the shot. Open the club-head and grip the club a little lighter for bunker shots. Finally, you need to hit about one or two inches before the ball.

When you are on the green you can reach for the putter. Most likely, you will need a longer lag putt to get the ball closer to the hole, if beyond 10 feet. However, if you are close enough for a shorter putt towards the hole then you may be able to putt in one. Try not to under-hit any putts, but have them go a little beyond the hole. While an over-hit putt can go in the hole, an under-hit putt will not.

Remember that a ball can also be lifted and cleaned on the green if needed. A ball may have mud on it and then should be lifted and cleaned. Use a ball marker, and make sure you put the ball back where it was!

Therefore, those are a few tips for playing par three holes. Off the tee, and then on and around the green in relation to shorter play, appropriate club selection can make the difference.


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