Friday, October 04, 2013

Vassos Alexander – Sports Commentator

Vassos Alexander, full name Vassos Alexander Georgiades, has been a sports commentator and presenter for several years and has been surprised more than once during that time. But his biggest surprise must have been turning up at the Radio 2 studios one early morning in April to find himself thrust into the role of anchor for the breakfast show.

Regular host, broadcaster Chris Evans had turned up to work for the 6.30am slot only to find that his voice had gone. Struggling to make his voice audible and with the show live on air, Evans had little choice other than to give up the ghost but, fortunately for everyone, Alexander was on hand to step into the breach.

Announcing that he had taken over the reins, Alexander apologised to the listeners and explained the situation. He made it clear, however, that Evans was still in the studio pulling the strings and telling him what to say and do. His efforts were well received by the audience, but he was gracious enough to concede that Evans had done all the hard work while he had merely acted as the ventriloquist’s dummy.

The Chris Evans Breakfast show on BBC Radio 2 is the flagship programme on the station, replacing the long running show of retiring Sir Terry Wogan.

Alexander’s brief stint in the hot seat was extra proof, if any was needed, as to just how versatile he is. In more than ten years of broadcasting, he has covered a wide range of sport displaying great wit and expertise. Equally at home on television or radio, he has reported or commentated on most major sporting events – FIFA World Cup, Wimbledon, the Ashes, World Championship Darts and the Olympic games are a brief selection of those he has covered.

Alexander is now well established with the BBC, including seven years with 5 Live, and is an integral member of the golf, athletics and tennis teams. He has previously worked for Eurosport. Sky, ITN, Bloomberg News and local radio so he is vastly experienced.

But Alexander does not limit himself to being an observer. He is no great sportsperson himself but he enjoys taking part. He particularly enjoys running marathons, especially around Richmond Park and is always willing to have a go when the opportunity arises. There have been times, however, when not everything went as planned. He once came close to colliding with a tree in a rally car and even crashed at Silverstone.

A Londoner by birth, Alexander loves spending time with Caroline, his wife, and their children Emily and Matthew, and of course the family dog, that is when he is not commentating or taking part in his own sports activities. Still resident in London, he is also multi-lingual and can speak English, French, German, Greek and Russian.

As sports commentators go, Alexander is as versatile, knowledgeable and talented as any. His skill and charismatic personality show through in all he does and have made him a sought-after speaker, adding another string to his already considerable bow.

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Tony Jackson is a freelance media commentator.

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