Sunday, October 13, 2013

Keeping Your Balls Warm

You might have heard golf balls go further in warmer climates than colder ones. Golf ball cores are heated up during the summer, and so they will go a little further than the same balls in winter. When playing in the winter you should, therefore, heat up the golf ball as much as possible.

There are various ways that you can keep your balls warm. One way is to simply alternative balls between each of the holes. The balls that are left in the bag can then warm up a bit before you play them. In addition, wrap the golf balls up in the bag with small tea towels.

You should also consider heating the balls up before the round. Why not place them on top of a boiling hot radiator for a few hours before you go to the golf course? Alternatively, the balls can be soaked in hot water beforehand.

There are also golf ball warmers which can heat up the balls. Golf ball warmers can heat up the ball to an optimum temperature (105°F to 115°F) during the winter. There are various golf ball warmers that can heat up four, five or six golf balls. Some golf ball warmers require a cigarette lighter to heat them up. Then keep the balls in the warmer with the lid closed until on the golf course. Check out this page for further details on the golf ball warmers.

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