Sunday, September 29, 2013

Great Gadgets for Your Golf Bag

Golf is a game that has plenty of gadgets. Golfing gadgets can give any golfer a technical advantage on the golf course. These are a few of the more notable gadgets for the golf course.  

GPS Units

GPS (global positioning units) are gadgets that measure course yardages. As such, they can be provide you with much more specific yardage distances from to the greens, fairways, doglegs and layups across the golf course. They include both GPS watches and handheld units that have full-colour golf course maps comparable to those on the yardage charts.

Golf Ball Wrangler

The Golf Ball Wrangler is a somewhat low-tech, but effective, gadget for finding golf balls in the water. This gadget is a series of fibre glass mesh plates mounted on an axle which can be tossed into the water. When its pulled along the bottom of the pond, it traps balls in the water between its plates. After removing the wrangler from the water, you can then pick off the golf balls it rolled over.

Digital Golf Scorecards

Digital golf scorecards can be another great addition to your golf bag. These are gadgets that can record up to four golf scores during a round. The scorecards might also provide some scoring stats and averages for the round. Among the digital golf scorecards are the Golf GameBook phone application which is among the first to include signing options for championships.

Radar Golf Balls

You've probably heard of this one already as there's another post on this blog about the RadardGolf Balls. Just to reiterate the RadarGolf System is a gadget that locates and finds golf balls that include embedded microchips. The handheld tracking device detects the microchip golf ball with audio tones that gradually increase in volume when you move closer to the ball.
Those are four great golf gadgets for your bag. They'll keep your score, locate lost golf balls and provide yardage details for the golf course for more effective club selection.


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Thanks for the post guys! I tried the Golf GameBook app and looks that it's by far the best golf app I've downloaded to my iPhone. Great stuff! Keep up the good work. Thanks!