Thursday, January 10, 2013

How to Play at the Augusta Golf Course

Unless you can get on the member list of Augusta's club, make the top 50 of the golf rankings, or win a Major you can't play the holes of Augusta. Well actually you can!

Just make a trip to some golf courses that have replicas of Augusta's holes. One golf course that includes a compilation of replica holes, two of which from the Augusta course, is that of the Castle Course at Northern Bay Golf Resort. This golf course actually includes several from renowned championship golf courses: Oakmond Country Club 3rd, Oakland Hills Club 5th, Firestones Country Club 16th, TPC Sawgrass 17th (the green surrounded with a lake) and the Bill Hill 18th. In addition to them are the 16th, the 194 yard hole that plays entirely over water, and 13th holes at the Augusta course.

The 16th hole at the Augusta National Golf Course
But that's not the only course that includes Augusta replicas. The Tour 18 golf course in Texas is another that has a compilation holes from the course. Those are the 11th, 12th and 13th holes at Augusta, among them Rae's Creek hole that has a creek between the tee and green.

Another course that includes a variety of replica golf holes is that of the World Tour Golf Links, which is located in Myrtle Beach. This boasts up to 27 replica holes at its three nine-hole courses. Among its open nine are the 1st and 18th holes of St Andrews, as well as the 16th from Augusta.The Championship Nine course also has the 11th to 13th holes from Augusta. The International has holes from Valderrama, the 8th at SpyGlass and 18th at Invernes Course which has hosted three PGA Championships and four U.S. Opens. Check out the club site for some photos of the legendary holes at their courses.

So, for a taste of championship golf these courses should not be missed. With a compilation of replica holes from renowned courses, they are the closest you can get to playing at courses such as Augusta at least. But you can still play at St Andrews in Scotland.

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