Sunday, January 06, 2013

How to Check Golf Ball Contact

A golf club impact sticker
The sweet spot of a golf club is the center of the golf club head. On some clubs it may be highlighted. This is the optimum point for ball contact. Thus if you hit the ball at the sweet spot it will travel somewhat further than if you do not.

But how can you check your ball contact? You can do so with golf club impact stickers. These are a great golfing accessory that will highlight ball contact.

Stick a golf club impact sticker to your club header. The club head can be a wood, iron or putter. Then play from the tee as you usually would, or alternatively a range. Check the golf club impact label afterwards, and note the position of the ball mark that has been left on the sticker. A sticker can include up to eight marks before you'll likely need a replacement.

All the ball marks should be at or around the sweet spot, but probably won't be! You might find some golf club impact stickers at your golf club. For further details on these great golfing accessories check out this page.

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