Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Guest Blogging on AG

Hello and happy new year! In 2013 Amateur Golfer will be including guest blog posts, so long as suitable posts are submitted. Guest blog posts are those that are not produced by the original blog owner, i.e. myself. At the end of each post links can then be included back to the guest blogger's blog.

Suitable guest blog posts can include golf course reviews, or golf travel destinations, but not anything relating to PGA golf championships. It would also be great to have some golf photography blog posts. Include a title with the blog post. Images can also be added with guest blog post submissions.

To submit a guest blog post to Amateur Golfer post your email address at the end of this post, or any other on the blog. Then I'll get in touch about Amateur Golfer guest blogging.


Unknown said...

Hello Amateur Golfer,

I do promotional work for Homelands Golf Center in Kent and was wondering if you'd be interested in featuring a Guest Blog from our Head Coach, Howard Bonaccorsi?

If you would then feel free to contact me and we discuss further.

Kind Regards,


Unknown said...

Sorry, my email address is