Thursday, August 01, 2013

Scrawney Guys Guide to Building Muscle

Tired of going to the club for drinks with your male friends to meet girls and being passed over by your well built muscular friends. Do you sit there watching attractive girls talk, flirt, and dance with your friends and wonder why not you. So what if they have broad shoulders and trim abs, doesn't personality count ?

When your sitting on the beach with your friends don't you wish you could build up more muscles. Your male friends are tanned and toned strutting their stuff while your just sitting there. Often your left on the blanket to watch everyone's belongings while they take off with girls to swim or buy some refreshments.

When you work out or exercise do you wish you could take a safe supplement for muscle growth without any side effects? TestRush Testosterone Booster is a nautral dietary product that helps build muscles, firm up the stomach, and increase energy and stamina. When you work out or exercise the results will show without the harmful side effects of hormones. It is not used for just body builders but men with low testosterone levels.

Your an older man that just doesn't have the energy and strength that you used to to do the things you enjoy. You go golfing with your friends and can't keep up. Lately you would rather be at home watching a Rodney Dangerfield movie about golfing then playing the sport. You wife has a list a mile long of projects for you to tackle that you haven't gotten to. Not only that your love life could use a boost. You want to start eating better and exercising but the list is too long.

Testorone Boosters are natural supplements for men of all ages. Older men with low testerone lose muscle mass, weight, and lack energy. When you add this product to your daily diet it build muscles too giving you a more toned look It will help you with muscular development. Regular exercise and a good diet helps builds muscle when taking this product . Below are some tips for eating properly to build muscle. Nutrition build muscles when exercising or working out.

Eat smaller meals during the day every two to five hours. You should eat a variety of healthy food like protein, grains, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and low fat dairy products. Building muscles is about eating enough calories to gain a few pounds when underweight to build muscle. Eating 40 to 60 grams of protein per meal will help you build muscles. This means eating leans meats, poultry and fish like tuna, and salmon. You can eat eggs, low fat cheese, and yogurt too.

When you drink protein shakes look for ones that have whey, casein or milk protein. A lack of carbohydrates means a lack of energy when you exercise or workout. Eat 60-80 grams of carbs per meal like whole grains, bran, barley, beans, brown rice, oatmeal, pasta, and potatoes. They keep you feeling full and provide concentrated energy when working out.

Learn to like vegetables and eat them with every meal. Yes, those green ones that your mother threw out every night when you were a kid. Vegetables build muscles because they have tons of vitamins and minerals. At least one to two cups per meal . Eat your biggest meal at breakfast and drink protein shakes to supplement the diet.

About the author: 

Kasey Alderman works for the National Health Association and counsels people on healthy eating, living, and fitness.


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