Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Golf Digest's Ten Best Golf States

On the Golf Digest website there's an interesting slideshow which includes the ten best U.S. golf states. The states are ranked on the number of great public golf courses per capita. These are Golf Digest's top 10 U.S. states for golf:

1. Hawaii
2. South Carolina
3. Nevada
4. Michigan
5. Wisconsin
6. Colorado
7. Vermont
8. Nebraska
9. Arizona
10. North Dakota

As such, the Pacific islands of Hawaii tops their rankings. Hawaii has up to 46 golf courses among which is the Kapalua. With golf resorts such as Kiawah Island South Carolina is second. Nevada also has some golfing gems such as Shadow Creek, a course that extends some 7,560 yards, and Wolf Creek.

I am surprised that North Dakota, with only six golf courses, is included in the rankings. Dakota is included ahead of California which is a state that has some highly ranked golf courses, such as Pebble Beach and Cypress Point, along its coastline. Check out the slideshow here.

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