Sunday, January 22, 2012

Two, Three and Four-Piece Golf Balls

There are three types of golf balls which you can use on the golf course. These are the two, three and four piece golf balls. These golf balls have different aerodynamic properties due to their different designs.

To begin with, there is the two-piece golf ball which most will be familiar with. This is the most standard golf ball as they are the cheapest. These balls provide greater backspin, and therefore will travel further than the alternatives.

However, on the PGA Tour three-piece golf balls are favored. These golf balls are softer than two-piece golf balls, and have a core surrounded by a mantle. As such, even though they may not go so far they provide greater maneuverability than your average two-piece balls. So, they can be more accurate than two-piece golf balls. 

Four-piece golf balls are an enhancement on three-piece balls. They have more advanced designs with liquid cores, and so are usually the most highly valued golf balls. These balls are more likely to drop and stop on the green than a two-piece golf ball which could stop somewhat further from the hole.

So, it’s worth noting whether a golf ball is a two, three or four-piece golf ball. Check the golf ball details on their boxes which should highlight whether it is two, three or four-piece ball. Although, the majority are two piece golf balls with an emphasis on greater ball spin and distance that could ensure an extra few yards are covered on the course. 

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