Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Top Golf Courses in Southern California

California is home to sun, surfers and golf courses! It has its fair share, and the best golf courses in southern California are undoubtedly something special. While it is tricky to pick a best from such a diverse group of courses, there are a few that stand out.

While the famous Pebble Beach may be northern California's gem, Pelican Hills is often said to be the southern equivalent. Located in Newport Beach, Pelican Hill is a public resort course on the sea. It has wonderful views, and is a links style course.

A classic old-style course, Indian Wells country club gives you course with some spectacular twists. Located near the rocky mountains, it has some interesting features such as plunging hills on fairways. While it may not be the longest course, at 6, 478 yards it will certainly provide an entertaining round.

The Oak Quarry golf club has a unique golf course. A course built into a rock quarry, which is visually stunning with rock framing holes. For an inland course, it's a remarkable feet of golf design. The 14th golf hole is particularly impressive, with a 400ft-limestone wall towering over the hole. It is regarded as one of the best holes in California.

For a top value course, you might not find any better than in southern California than Barona Creek. For $50 dollars, you can get a round at a course that stretches out over rolling terrain, and has some of the fastest greens you might well come across.

The Torry Pines Municipal golf Course, is one of the most highly regarded in the southern California state. It is a public course, and has excellent coastline views along its 7,607 yards. It has featured in a number of golf magazines' top golf course rankings, making the top 10 on a few occasions.

Torry Pines Golf Course
If you must push for a number one golf course in southern California, then perhaps Mountain Course at La Quinta. Located next to the Santa Rose peaks, it is a resort course that can make for a good vacation point. The mountain vistas link to the fairways, making accuracy very important. For what it is worth, the course has been said by some to be the best golf course in California not just the south. Strong acclaims, when competing with courses like Pebble beach.

So, southern California may well have some of the best courses you will find not only in California, but also anywhere. The courses described here are amongst the most notable in the region, and the Mountain Course is perhaps the best on offer.


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Thank you so much for this great article. My husband and I have been planing our Las Vegas golf vacation for this year. We have been golfing at a few of the courses in your article and they were just beautiful. Thanks so much for sharing your article.