Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Golf Spreadsheets

To record your golf scores spreadsheet software applications are ideal. With spreadsheet applications such as Excel you can record your golf scores, and even add some graphs as well. If you do not already have any spreadsheet software then consider the OpenOffice freeware software suite with its spreadsheet software Calc that is comparable to Excel.

For a basic spreadsheet layout you will need 20 columns. The first column will be for the golf course names, and the remaining 18 columns will be for the golf course holes. You can resize these columns and reduce the width appropriately. A final column will then be required for the golf score totals. Include a Sum function in the first cell of the column, and this can then be dragged and copied into further cells below. Of course, you can add plenty more to this spreadsheet with cell formatting and graphs.

Or alternatively, there are a few golf spreadsheet templates worth noting. This Excel template blog has one, and this website also has a golf spreadsheet template.

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