Sunday, October 30, 2011

Golf Magazine’s 500 Greatest Golf Holes

Golf Magazine has provided regular listings as to the top golf courses in the sport, and their book also lists 500 of the best golf holes in the game. In fact, it does more than merely list them, but also includes some great photography and illustrations as well as a variety of lists such as the best golf holes by number. The Washington Times has stated that this is a golf book, “on par with no other” and the Journal Sentinal, “the definitive guide.

So, which are among the highly rated golf holes included? Among those included in the best 18:
  • The 4th at Banff Springs, 192 yard, par 3
  • The 15th at Cypress Point, 139 yard, par 3
  • The 17th at TPC Sawgrass, 132 yard, par 3
  • The 18 at Pebble Beach, 548 yards, par 5
  • The 13th at Augusta National, 510 yards, par 5
  • The 17th at St Andrews (Old), 461 yard, par 4
  • The 13th at Pine Valley Golf Club, 448 yard, par 4
  • The 12th at Southern Hills Country Club, 445 yards, par 4
  • The 5th at Bethpage, 451 yards, par 4
  • The 5th at the Mid Ocean Club, 433 yards, par 4
Those are 10 among the top 18 of Golf Magazine's best golf holes which are not ranked in a specific order. The 18th at Pebble Beach is rated as the best finishing hole in golf, which plays alongside the Monterey coastline. The famed 17th the TPC Sawgrass is also included which is a hole surrounded by water. Then there is the 17th Road Hole at St Andrews which has been one of the highlights of numerous Open Championships held there. Previous posts on Amateur Golfer provide further details on some of these holes, such as Great American Golf Holes and Famous Golf Holes.


ITS_Golf said...

Would love to be able to visit and play a good portion of the highly esteemed holes mentioned in this article as well as your previous ones! Thanks for the share!

Matthew said...

Well, you can on some of them such as St Andrews Old Course and Pebble Beach. Those are public/resort courses ideal for golf vacations.