Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Golf stats for the golf course

Golf is a game of numbers, and so there is some variety of golf statistics. After keeping golf scores there are a few golf stats that can be recorded. Here are a few of the more notable golf statistics which are worth noting.

Score average:

This statistic is basically a mean average of all the hole scores recorded during a round. As such, by taking your total score and dividing it by the number of holes played an average score for each hole can be provided. Usually, the scoring average will certainly be real numbers with fractional components such as 4.8, 5.5, or 6.2. As such, these can also be rounded up or down for a nearest whole number average.

Putting average:

The putting average is very similar to the hole score average, except it includes putts only. As such, during a round the total number of putts on the green also need to be recorded. Then, at the end of the round a putting average can be noted in the same way as above, after adding all the putts up and dividing by the number of holes played. For a lot of golfers this average will usually be between two – three per green, and perhaps also between three – four.

Modal score average:

The modal average actually requires no calculator! Quite simply, this is the most frequent golf hole score you record over 9 or 18 holes. So, if you score five scores of five over nine holes then this will certainly be your modal score for the round. At pro level the modal score may be something like a three or four depending on how many par three or par four holes there are on a golf course.

Tee-shot accuracy:

This is a good golf stat that will record how accurate your tee shots are. After each tee-shot a tick will need to be noted on the score card if your ball lands on the fairway or green. Then, the number of ticks record over the round should be divided by the number of holes played and then multiplied by 100. So, if six ticks are recorded over 18 holes then 33% of the tee-shots were accurate and landed on the fairway or green.

These are just a few great golf stats for the golf course! Keep a record of these after a round.

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