Thursday, March 24, 2011

How high to tee-up a golf ball?

For tee-shots there are a few different sized tees which can range from 55mm to 83mm. As such, the length of tee required for a tee-shot can vary. So, how high to tee-up a golf ball?

The length of tee required for a tee-shot is largely determined by the golf club used. To be more specific, the amount of loft that the golf club has. The loft of each golf club varies, as the shorter irons such as 9 irons have the most amount of loft, and the longer wood clubs have the least amount of loft.

Given this, the clubs with the most loft require only the smallest golf tees. These can then be pressed far down so that the ball is very close to the ground. As such, this is best for the short irons such as the 9, 8, and possibly 7.

However, if you are teeing-off with a long wood for a long drive, then a longer tee will be better. With these tees the ball can be placed a few cms above the ground. This will provide a greater degree of loft for the tee-shot.

In the event that there is a fair amount of wind, then less loft will also be required. Under such circumstances it can be good to tee-up a little lower than you would usually. Alternatively, you can also consider an alternative club with less loft.

So, how high you tee-up really depends on the club selected, and amount of loft required. For the most lofted clubs the smaller tees are more suitable. However, for the longer clubs tee-up higher for greater loft and potential distance.

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