Thursday, September 10, 2009

Guide to the Iron clubs

The iron golf clubs make up much of a standard set of clubs. They can range from a two iron up to nine irons. Overall, the iron clubs can be suitable for either short play or long play.

The iron clubs are numbered with the higher number clubs having the most loft and least distance overall. Lower numbered iron clubs have progressively less loft and more distance. Generally, the shorter clubs can also be more accurate than longer irons.

To begin with the nine and eight iron golf clubs. These are the short irons, and as such have the least distance. They are more suitable for shorter fairway shots to the green. For tee shots, they are only really suitable for the shortest golf holes, with average distances ranging from 100 to 150 yards. These iron clubs are also better for longer grass, with their higher loft.

The seven and six iron golf clubs are more mid-distance clubs for perhaps one-hundred-twenty-five yards to one-hundred-seventy-five or possibly higher still. They are flexible iron clubs, and can be used for tee shots of up to and over hundred-fifty yards on par three golf holes. On par four and five golf holes, the clubs are good for the fairway. The clubs can also be used for chip shots and shorter play.

The longer iron clubs, from here are more like the five, four and three iron. These iron clubs can cover up to a possible two-hundred yards and are best for longer par three holes or possible par four. They are best for tee shots, and also longer fairway shots. Overall, they have little loft, and are not ideal for shorter play.

In relation to short play, the iron clubs can also be used for chip shots around the green. The shorter irons such as nine and eight, or even the wedges, will chip the ball with a little more loft and less roll on the green. Iron clubs such as the seven or even six will chip the ball with less loft and more roll on the green, up to perhaps fifty yards. So if further from the hole they are more suitable for chipping. Longer iron clubs do not really have enough loft for chipping.

So overall the iron clubs can be suitable for longer or shorter play on a golf hole, either off the tee, or around the green. With a variable selection of iron clubs, it is advised that at least the nine, seven and five irons be taken onto the golf course.

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