Saturday, September 05, 2009

Golf Books

Golf has a good range of books covering the sport. Here are some recommended titles:

1001 Golf Holes: Jeff Barr (£20)

This golf book by Jeff Barr, and with input from others, provides an excellent collection of some of golf's best holes. Listed in order of play, from hole 1 to hole 18, the collection is carefully selected and includes such classic holes as those featured at St Andrews, Augusta and Pebble Beach amongst others.

The book gives about a half, or up to a full page of coverage for each hole. The hole par, length, course and designer are all listed for the holes included. Overall, the book weighs in at up to 950 pages.

In addition, some background is given to the golf courses as well as their holes mentioned. Overall, you will find golf courses like Pebble Beach and Augusta have a few of their holes covered in the book. However, the book keeps the emphasis on the holes.

KISS Guide to Golf: Steve Duno (DK publication, $20)

The KISS Guide to Golf, by Steve Duno, is a general guide to the game. From the golf clubs, to all aspects of the game, including short and long game and course strategy.

The book has a foreword, and is supported by PGA tour player, Colin Montgomerie. So, one would assume provided expertise for a good deal of the book's content.

Aside from playing guide, the book provides additional extras such as golf vacation tips, and golf course suggestions and listings. In addition to this, additional listings for other golf books, golf magazines and golf schools are also included.

The book also includes some extras, such as golfing trivia. Then likewise, additional hints and tips and summaries.

Overall, at 400 pages in total, the book is a reasonably comprehensive guide for the sport. So it is recommended.

Aside from these two golf books there is a few other golf books, which might be considered. Golf books like The Physics of Golf, cover a scientific basis for the sport. Alternatively Ultimate golf techniques is another golf book worth considering.

So overall, these golf books are recommended. 1001 Golf Holes, is an excellent compilation of golf holes. And the KISS Guide to Golf is a good golfing guide. In addition, you may also want to consider such books as The Physics of Golf and Ultimate golf techniques, which are good books.

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