Sunday, December 29, 2013

Island Green Golf Holes

You won't find many island green golf holes. However, there are a few golf courses that include holes with greens surrounded by water. These are a few of the more notable island green holes that your ball will have to land on to stay in play.

17th at TPC Sawgrass

Perhaps the most famous of the island green holes is that of the 17th at TPC. It is there that they play the Players Championship, and the signature hole is the Island Green. It's a relatively short hole that expands some 132 yards from the tee. Aside from a small bunker the green is entirely surrounded by water, and it is said that more than 100,000 balls are scooped from the lake each year.

Point Vedra Inn Club (Ocean), 9th hole

This is a longer hole that extends 157 yards. It includes a larger island green that has some surrounding fairway. In addition, there are several bunkers on the green's island. Thus, if you miss the green on this island recovery might still be possible either from a bunker or grass.

Hammock Beach Resort (Conservatory)

The Hammock Beach Resort's 8th par-3 hole expands some 199 yards, and also includes an island green. The hole's architect has given the island a little more cushion with a few trees, bunkers and longer grass added to it. However, there's still plenty of surrounding water in the hole's lake.

Tabby Links, 15th hole

The Tabby Links golf course has a par-4 hole with an island green. As a 377 yard golf hole it includes a good amount of fairway up to the green which is separated by water. The island also includes a small amount of rough grass and a couple of bunkers for the ball to land on.

Four Seasons Golf Club Punta Mita, Hole 3B

The Four Seasons Golf Club has 19 holes with an alternative 3rd. The 194 yard hole 3B includes a green that sits on a natural island in the Pacific. Low tides leave a clear trail up to the green, but during high tides an amphibious golf cart is required to reach the island.

Coeur d'Alene Resort

The Coeur d'Alene Resort includes the first floating golf hole. The 14th hole at this golf course has a man-made island that changes location. This hole includes a wooden boat ride across the water up to the hole's green. There are a couple of bunkers on the island green, but there's not much surrounding grass for those balls that fall short.

Those golf holes have plenty of water to sink your balls. As such, they inflate golf scores more than most holes.

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