Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Golf in the Maldives

So it's clear that the floating island golf course is set to put the Maldives on the golfing map. But that's not exactly set to be the first golf course in the Maldive island chain. In actual fact two golf courses are already there.

One of the golf courses can be found at the Kuredu Island Resort. You can reach the Kuredu Island via seaplane, and here there are some lovely tropical beaches. This resort has also added it's very own golf course.

However, that golf course has just six holes. All the holes included here are par-3s. The average yardage of the holes is approximately 55 yards, and so it is more of a pitch and putt golf course. But the resort does include a range as well.

At Shangri-La's Villingili Resort there is an altogether larger golf course. That is a new golf course which is located across seven and a half hectares of land. This is a nine hole golf course with holes that average 123 yards. If that is so then it should be 1,107 yards. The course has a variety of exotic plants, palms and pandanus scattered alongside the holes and adjacent beach coves.  

I checked the course map, and the more exciting holes here could be the ninth and third. Those holes seem to have the most distance, and also play alongside the coastline. The ninth finishing hole includes the most bunkers, and also has a small lake (or possibly pond) located just ahead of the green. Check out the course's website for further details, photos and the map.  

So, you can now play golf in the Maldives at these golf courses. Even if the courses lack distance, they still have some great landscapes alongside the sea. When the floating golf course becomes the first full sized 18 - hole course in the Maldives who knows what could follow with additional man made islands.

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