Wednesday, November 07, 2012

A Brief Guide to the Wedges

The wedges are a group of iron clubs which have the highest lofts. They are fairly essential golf clubs to have in your bag, so you'll need to bring at least one of them out on to the course with you. Overall, there are four primary wedge clubs which are ideal for short play.

The Sand Wedge 

The sand wedge is the wedge for playing out of bunkers. It's the best club green side bunkers at least, although in fairway bunkers club selection can be more variable. This wedge has plenty of loft, and in that respect is only eclipsed by the lob wedge. For shorter distance pitching and chipping out of longer grass this can also be a very effective club.

The Lob Wedge

This wedge has more loft than any alternative club in your bag. As such, with this club you can get the ball over almost anything on the course with a precise pitch. The club has a short carry distance, suitable for anything within about 50 yards of the flag. Don't select this club if you're further than 50 yards or so.

The Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is the wedge with the least loft. As such, this makes it ideal if you're too far off the green for a chip, but too close for a 9-iron. To be more specific 50-100 yards from the flag. It can also be an alternative club for green side bunkers.

The Gap Wedge

The gap wedge is one of the newer wedges which provides an additional wedge for club selection. Not the most essential wedge in the bag perhaps with more loft than the pitching wedge, but less than a sand wedge. Its average distance is also less than the pitch wedge, but more than a standard sand wedge. As such, the gap wedge fills the void between those wedges.

Any of these clubs are suitable for pitching and shorter distance chipping from around the green. Make sure that you have a few in your bag when on the golf course.

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