Sunday, May 01, 2011

On-line Golf games

For a bit of golfing action off the golf course there are a variety of on-line golf games at various websites. Here are a few that are certainly worth noting.

Supreme Golf:

Supreme Golf is an on-line golf game that has some good graphics & some audio effects. The game includes a full 18 hole golf course, and has a third person perspective like most golf games on the various console formats. Although the targeting options are a little limited, and the golf bag does not include a sand wedge, aside from this Supreme Golf is one of the better on-line golf games.

Stroke it Lucky:

Among some of the highlights of the BBC website is the Stroke it Lucky flash game. This golf game provides a more birds-eye view of each hole, and three opponents to select from. Although the club selection is limited to only six clubs, with a driver, 3 wood, 6 wood, 9 iron, putter, and wedge this is a reasonable range of clubs.

World Golf Tour:

Quite possibly the best on-line golf game around is that of the multi-player World Golf Tour. This golf game takes advantage of 3D photorealistic georeferencing technology, and includes text chatting options as well. In addition to this, the game is also based on a variety of real-life golf courses such as Bethpage Black, Kiawah Island Ocean Course, and St Andrews Old Course. The best bit is that World Golf Tour has free registration, and for this a password and e-mail address need to be provided.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour On-line:

This is the on-line version of the Tiger Wood golf games, and so has some of the most advanced 3D effects of any on-line alternative. No download is required, and you can sign up at the at website and select from either a monthly or yearly subscription package. Alternatively, if you choose neither you can still play a few rounds a day. Micro-transaction points can be gained, and are required to play on the variety of courses. Overall, there are a number of famous courses included such as Bethpage and the TPC at Sawgrass.

These are just a few great on-line golf games. For further details select the links provided here.


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