Thursday, October 15, 2009

Top rated golf bags

Golf bags come in a variety of shapes and sizes. From cart bags, stand and carry bags and tour bags for on course. So, which can be said are the best bags?

Looking at the tour bags to begin with. The Nike SQ Sumo Tour Staff bag is worth a look, and will provide you with a top quality, top performance bag that gives value to boot. As the name suggests, the bag is linked to the Sumo line of Nike products. The bag accommodates all club sizes, and weighs in at 12.2 Ibs. It has 5 zippered pockets, 2 mesh water bottle packets and versatile cabinet door storage.

Alternatively, Callaway 10.5 inch PGA Championship Tour Staff Bag will give you another top quality choice. It offers supreme durability and a lot of storage space. A new power handle improves functionality and reduces weight to 10 Ibs only, which is 2.2 Ibs less than the Nike Sumo.

When we talk about stand bags, you cannot do better than the Wilson Feather Series 3LB Stand Bag for performance and value. It is an extremely light bag that weights in at 3Ibs, with a new stand that is integrated to the top to keep weight minimal. It also has a lightweight Swivelmax double strap, along with water-resistant fabric that will keep your clubs dry.

Kart bags are carried on golf trolleys and come in larger sizes. The PowaKaddy 7 Way Sport Cart Bag is a top quality bag in sports design, with both lightness and strength. This has been designed for carts and buggies. It has substantial rain-hood, a scuff protector and 4 grab handles. The PowaKaddy gets 5 star reviews, particularly for performance and value.

Or, you could take a look at the Ram Fxi Golf Cart bag. This gives you an 18 inch and 14 way divider top. It's a lightweight back that provides stability on a golf car and is certainly well worth considering.

So certainly, the Nike Sumo tour bag, Callaway Championship Tour Staff Bag, Wilson Feather Series, PowaKaddy and Ram Fxi are amongst the best on course bags available in their various forms. Used by professional tour staff, they seem the best choice. They all score highly for quality, performance and value and have positive customer reviews. They are indeed, top rated golf bags.


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