Tuesday, September 17, 2013

What Is Airsoft and Why You Should Play

Airsoft can refer to a variety of things but what I am going to be looking at is the sport aspect. It is the activity of experiencing tactical warfare through battle simulations with airsoft guns. These airsoft guns shoot out plastic bbs at a speed that is not dangerous to a human life yet they do travel at a fast enough speed to sometimes cause the person to experience a sting. Airsoft has become a much more popular sport as of recently but it is still under the radar. Not many people are involved in this activity either because they do not know about it or they simply do not want to try it out. Most of the people I talk to about airsoft do not know what it is. Others do not want to try it out because there is a possibility of experiencing pain. Regardless of the reasons people do not participate in this activity I’m going to explain why you should give it a try.

It is FUN!

Imagine running through the woods with a semi-automatic pistol in your holster. You have an automatic rifle in your hands as you sneakily try to capture the enemies’ flag without detection. One of your teammates starts to create a distraction by providing suppressive fire. You move forward towards the enemies’ flag but all of a sudden you see a tango to the right about to take a shot at you. Thankfully your teammate has a sniper rifle and takes him out before he can tag you.

Ok you can stop imagining! Keep in mind nobody is getting killed! It is all done in a safe environment with plastic bbs that do not break the skin. If this does not sound fun to you Fair enough… do not try it but honestly if you are like me you are probably thinking about what happens next! It might also be a chance to shoot your friends without killing them. Sounds great am I right?!


Playing this game will cause you to run, stay down, move fast, and your heart will race. This is a very physical game and a great way to get your exercise in! I do not think I have ever met an airsoft player who has claimed otherwise (unless you are sniper… in which case I guess it is ok to be a fatty).


Airsoft is often also used for real combat training. It allows people to get a feel of the weight of their weapon and trigger grip. It helps them improve their aim as well as safety practices. If you are training for home defense purposes please also invest in a home security system. Smith security provides excellent services! Check them out.

So yeah! Go get an Airsoft gun, safety gear, and find a few friends and play! Do not play in public places because most of these guns look real and the general public may panic. Play either in the woods, private property (with permission of course) or at an airsoft field (which are hard to find). Remember to always practice safety first!
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