Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Excel Golf Spreadsheets

Excel can be an ideal software package for recording golf scores from previous rounds, or alternatively recording golf scores and standings for golf championships. Excel includes a number of numerical options as well as formatting options to select from which can further enhance golf spreadsheets. Here are a few suggestions for Excel golf spreadsheets.

To begin with it’s worth noting some of the numerical options that Excel has. For example, to include stroke averages in your spreadsheet for a particular round, or a greater number of rounds, then you should select the average function which will then provide the arithmetic mean score for the round over either nine or 18 golf holes. In addition to this, with Excel functions other averages for a round such as the modal or median average hole scores can also be included.

Excel also has a number of formatting options to select from to further enhance golf spreadsheets. For example, as it’s a golf spreadsheet you may want to consider formatting the spreadsheet cell colors so that they include more green shading. Right-click the cells to be formatted and then select the formatting option, and then fill to change the selected cells to green.

Consider formatting the text included in the spreadsheet as well. Format the spreadsheet column headings so that they include bold text; to do that right-click the cells, text to be formatted and then change the font to bold.

In addition to this, why not add some golf images to the Excel spreadsheet? Excel includes golf themed clip art that you can add to a golf spreadsheet. To do so select the position on the spreadsheet to add the golf clip art by selecting a cell. Then select the Insert option, and Clip Art. After you have done this you can find suitable golf clip art by inputting the keyword golf into the search box. A variety of golf clip art will then be displayed to select from. After you have added the clip art you can move and resize it if required.

Graphs can also be a good addition to a golf spreadsheet. With graphs you can display your recorded golf scores as graphs such as bar graphs or line graphs. You can do this by firstly selecting the scores and their cells which are to be included in the graph. Then select Insert and one of the graphs such as line or bar (otherwise column) graph. Drag the graph to a suitable position the spreadsheet, and any graph can be further edited by right-clicking within the graph’s borders and then selecting a suitable option. For example, to change the graph type select the Change Graph Type option and then one of the alternative graphs.

These are just a few good tips for Excel golf spreadsheets. With Excel’s numerical, formatting and graph options exciting golf spreadsheets can be produced for recording your own golf scores, or alternatively for golf championships.

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