Thursday, September 26, 2013

HBCU Sports NBA News Summary

In less than a month, the NBA preseason for 2013/2014 will be over, however ESPN has already released the initial draft for the NBA Draft class of 2014. The opening projection from Chad Ford is that the Philadelphia 76ers, who have 1st pick in next year's NBA Draft, will choose Andrew Wiggins from Kansas. Ford, in his 1st set of projections, gives the Sixers a record of 20/62, which means they have a 25% chance of hitting the jackpot and picking one of the sport's most hyped draftees of recent times.

Recruiting the 6'8 wing in the draft's 1st selection, alongside Nerlens Noel (a frontcourt defensive anchor, who was strongly projected as the 1st overall pick of the NBA Draft in 2013, prior to reaching the Sixers via trade -- after falling from the top five) and Michael Carter-Williams (also a 2013 rookie), would offer Philadelphia a youthful, instantly reformed core built by Sam Hinkie, the general manager. The next projection is for the Phoenix Suns to be allowed 2nd overall pick, after achieving a 22/60 record. Ford predicts that the Suns will opt for flexible power and partner Alex Len (the 2013 lottery pick) with Kentucky's Julius Randle (a one and done prospect).

Rounding off the top three is Orlando Magic, who are predicted to choose Marcus Smart from Oklahoma State. According to HBCU sports, this is the identical player whose decision to remain in education for a 2nd year caused somewhat of a stir in the team. Instead of Smart, the Magic drafted Indiana's Victor Oladipo during the NBA Draft of 2013, and Ford predicts that the squad will still get the chance to recruit the Big Twelve Player of the Year for 2013.

The team projected to secure the 4th pick for the NBA draft of 2014 is the Charlotte Bobcats. Here, Ford has Dante Exum, the Australian international player, enrolling with the side. This would give the Bobcats a player referred to by Jonathan Tjarks from SB Nation as the greatest NBA prospect nobody has heard of. In particular, Tjarks spoke very highly of the combo guard's instinctive feel for the sport. Also, it is worth pointing out that Exum chose not to come to the US for college ball in 2013, because he would not be eligible till December, although he could still opt to attend college in 2014.

The team rounding off the top five is the Boston Celtics. Ford predicts they will choose forward Jabari Parker. Jared Sullinger, Kelly Olynyk, Avery Bradley and Rajon Rondo are already in position, which makes Parker the natural selection as the Celtics' next franchise small forward, once they have parted company with Paul Pierce. Some other selections and names worth noting are Aaron Gordon joining the Sacramento Kings in the 6th overall selection, Andrew Harrison 7th overall -- joining the Milwaukee Bucks, center Joel Embiid being selected 10th to join the LA Lakers, and the Washington Wizards choosing 16th and drafting Mitch McGary, who achieved a breakthrough performance during the previous year's NCAA Competition.

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