Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Ideal Half-Set of Golf Clubs

While you can take 14 golf clubs onto a golf course, in truth a half-set can be fine for a round of golf. However, you need to consider which golf clubs the half-set will include. As such, these are the seven good clubs to make up an ideal half-set.

The Putter:

To begin with the most obvious, as you probably will not putt so well with the iron golf clubs! As such, your putter is the most essential golf club of the half-set. Note that the putter can also be used off the green as well as a Texas Wedge.

Sand Wedge:

After the putter, you will need to take at least one wedge onto the course with you. For this the sand wedge is probably the best option as the club is specifically for bunker play. It can also be a good club for shorter distance chipping and pitching around the green.

The Irons:

You will need to take three irons onto the golf course. A longer distance, mid-distance and shorter distance iron should be included in the golf bag. In this respect, a 5-iron, 7-iron and 9-iron should be suitable iron clubs for a half-set.

The Woods:

Then a couple of woods can be taken out onto the course as well. A shorter distance and longer distance wood for the longer holes should therefore be included. 7-woods are good clubs that can be suitable for both the tees and the fairways, and even if you land in longer rough grass around the fairway. Take one of these onto the course, as well as a long wood of your choosing; anything from a 4-wood to the longest drivers depending on preference.

These seven golf clubs are a good selection of clubs for a half-set. One putter, three irons, a wedge and a couple of woods. If you must take one more eighth club onto the course then an additional longer distance wedge may be handy.


Anonymous said...

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Sofia Karg said...

Great info you have here, Matthew. This will help newbie golfers know the exact use of each club they have. By the way, there are two more clubs that people must know: the chipper and the hybrid. However, these two clubs are not commonly used nowadays because of some golf club rules.

Matthew said...

I'm not that familiar with those clubs. Perhaps you could provide some further details here.

Anonymous said...

Hybrid is also called a rescue club. I am very much in love with mine. Those long straight shots are so easy with it