Friday, September 09, 2011

Golf Poll

Some may have noticed the golf poll at the top right of this blog, the first poll ever included on Amateur Golfer. This golf poll asks: which is the best European golf destination? I have included eleven of Europe’s bigger golfing destinations to vote for.

At the moment only one vote has been made on this golf poll. I voted for Spain as this is a great golfing destination that has a number of PGA Tour venues and golf resorts, as found at the Costa del Sol. The Costa del Sol includes the famous golf course Valderrama which has been a venue for the Ryder Cup. Further to this, the Costa Brava, Balearic Islands and the Andalusia also have some notable golf courses. So, for me this is Europe’s best golfing destination.

However, there are ten other potential alternative golfing destinations that you can vote for. So, please vote in the golf poll. The closing date of this poll is the 1st October, and I will post again proclaiming the winner of the best European golf destination poll.

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