Sunday, September 04, 2011

The Golf Course I Play At

The Golf Course that I play at is Westridge Golf Course. It’s a short 9 hole golf course that could almost be a par 3 golf course were it not for a couple of 300 yard plus holes. It has no par five holes. As such, it’s a great course for a quick round. Here’s a brief run-down of its holes.

Hole One: 176 Yard Par 3

The first hole is a fairly average straight par 3 hole, which includes a fairway running up to the green. So, you do not have to make it onto the green. You cannot really lose your ball on this one, but the green has bunkers on the left and right side.

Hole Two: 315 Yard Par 4

One of the longest holes on the course is the 2nd par 4 hole. It’s also one of the hardest on the golf course as is surrounded by trees and bushes so you can certainly lose balls on this one. The hole includes a sharp turn after about 200 yards, with another 100 yards leading up the green. As such, a 200 yard tee-shot is required to give you a clear shot to the green.

Hole Three: 232 Yard Par 3

This long par three is another hole surrounded by bushes and hedges, and requires a tee-shot over bushes to make it onto the fairway or green. On the score card it has a stroke index of one, so it is the course’s signature hole. As such, you can lose balls on this one as well.

Hole Four: 235 Yard Par 4

After those holes the bushes begin to disperse. However, this short par 4 still has bushes along the left side of the fairway.

Hole Five: 342 Yard Par 4

This is the longest hole on the golf course. A good one hundred yards is required to make it onto the fairway, and it also includes fairway bunkers. The green has two bunkers on its left and right side.

Hole Six: 240 Yard Par 4

After the longest hole on the course comes this short par 4. In fact, it was originally a long par 3. As a par 4 it’s one of the easier holes on the golf course with at least one hundred yards of fairway to aim for.

Hole Seven: 101 Yard Par 3

The shortest hole on the golf course is this 101 yard par 3. So, this has the highest stroke index of the course’s holes. However, some may over-hit on this hole even with a nine iron, so wedges can be an alternative. Two bunkers are also located in front of the green if your ball ends up falling short.

Hole Eight: 209 Yard Par 3

This hole is a longer distance par three that also includes the course's only water hazard. Two small lakes are located approximately half-way up this hole, so you require about 125 yard to make the fairway beyond these. The hole also has a sloped fairway which runs slightly up-hill towards the green.

Hole Nine: 130 Yard Par 3

The final hole is a much shorter par 3 that also includes a fairway. As such, a six or seven iron is usually a suitable club for this hole. Although the hole has a ropey sloped green which makes three putts more likely.

As such, with these holes the course is a par 32, and 64 over 18. Although, the course will get much bigger as a further nine holes are scheduled to be added to it which will extend it to an 18 hole golf course.

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