Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Great Golf Travel Websites

There are a variety of great golf resorts in the United States and Europe. Golf resorts such as Pebble Beach Resort and Pinehurst have top-class golf courses which have hosted Major championships. As such, there are also a number of great online resources.

Golfpac Travel

Golfpac Travel is a golf travel site that covers a variety of golf travel destinations in the U.S. and beyond. From the homepage, you can select a destination for the website’s drop down list. Or alternatively, select golf packages to find some great packages for a specific destination. The website also covers over 600 hundred golf courses with ratings provided.

World Golf

This website covers top golf course destinations. The website includes a selection of golf courses from over 50 countries which provide details on the yardages, pars and rating. It also includes a golf resort guide with brief details for each resort and the golf courses they include. In addition to this, the website has a big list of golf blogs where you can find links to lots of golf blogs, and if you have your own golf blog you can also have it listed here. At the bottom of the website there are also further links to a variety of sites a part of the Travel Golf network.

Your Golf

Your Golf is a website that covers a variety of potential golf holidays. The website includes a directory of golf holiday packages which can be booked from the website. Here you can search for golf resorts, golf hotels and golfing destinations. The website lists over 1,000 potential golf holiday destinations. The homepage includes search tools with which you can search for potential golf holiday packages. With the search box you can also input a golf vacation destination. As such, this is a golf travel website that is worth noting.

Golf Holidays

This is the website of Golf Holidays, a North American golf tour operator. There website covers 40 exciting golf destinations in the U.S., 100 golf resorts and over 400 golf courses. Here you can find details on a variety of golf resorts in the U.S. and their golf courses. The website also lists a variety of golf vacation packages at various resorts.

These are four golf travel websites that are worth noting. They are great online resources for golf travel that include extensive directories and details on a variety of golf travel destinations. For further details, follow the links included above.

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