Sunday, April 13, 2014

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There are plenty of blog posts on Amateur Golfer beyond the first few pages. You can find them from the archives on the blog template. These are a few of the more notable posts from the archives.

The Golf Gamebook

"Digital scorecards aren't exactly new. Those are electronic scorecards which save your scores. However, they do not include official signing options..."

How to Play at the Augusta Golf Course

Unless you can get on the member list of Augusta's club, make the top 50 of the golf rankings or win a major you can't play the holes of Augusta. Well, actually you can..."

An Augusta Flyover

"The Augusta golf course has some great holes, all of which are included within this great simulated tour of the golf course. This EA tour flys over and through the course's holes from hole one to the final 18th. The flyover is from EA's Tiger Wood PGA Tour 12 golf game, which is the first to include the Master's golf championship. Check out the video below for an overview of this famous course..."

Golf Holes With Lots of Water

"A number of the world's more famous golf courses have golf holes that are surrounded by water. These are holes in which you can lose your balls, in more ways than one, when they fall down into the water. Water holes can be located alongside expansive lakes, creeks or perhaps even the sea and oceans. These are a few of the great golf holes in which you could take a swim on..."

Links Golf Courses

"Links golf courses amount to less than 1% of the overall total, and most of them are in Britain. The 2013 U.K. Open was played at the links golf course of Muirfield. But how exactly is that golf course any different from other alternatives?"

Great Mackenzie Golf Courses

"Mackenzie was a great course architect who inspired some famous golf courses in the early 20th century. Mackenzie's golf courses in the United States stretch from Georgia in the east, to California in the west. These are a few of Mackenzie's great golf courses..."

Free Drops

"In some cases during a round, you may have a free drop if your ball lands in a specific lie as outlined by the R&A. With a free drop you can lift and drop the ball a little further back onto a playable lie. So, when can you free drop?"

The Texas Wedge Putt

"The Texas Wedge is just another name for the putter. Except that it is only called a Texas Wedge when putting off the green. Mastering the Texas Wedge putt can be a great way to enhance your short game."

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