Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Radar Golf Balls

What do you get when you put a microchip in a golf ball? A radar golf ball! RadarGolf have introduced a few golf balls that have small microchips within them.

The addition of the the microchip ensures that golf balls that land in hedges, or around trees, can be found more quickly. When the ball has landed the RadarGolf Handheld will then locate the golf ball. The handheld detects the golf ball by homing in on its microchip!

The handheld includes an LCD display as well as audio tone. The audio tone strengthens as you get nearer to the ball. Consequently, when at its loudest you are closet to the ball.

Nor is the microchip supposed to have a big impact on the ball's distance etc. It's a 2-piece ball that still matches the standard requirements for golf balls. Currently they are packaged in one dozen packs.

At the moment this isn't something that's included on the PGA Tour. But with further expansions on the first RadarGolf System it could be a great golf gadget. For further details on the RadarGolf System and balls, check out this website.

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